Mark-10 Gripping Fixtures and Attachments for Testing Systems

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In order to obtain the correct data for pull testing applications and other types of testing, Mark-10 force gauges, torque gauges, sensors, and test stands require the use of gripping fixtures and attachments. There are a variety of options available, depending on the purpose of the product being tested. Grips and attachments are mounted to the testing system. Convenient quick change options can be achieved with some gauges and sensors that are compatible with eye end adapters. In addition, beyond specific Mark-10 products that are designed to be used with Mark-10 force gauge and test stand equipment, some adapters can be used to make the testing system work even with third-party equipment.

Different Materials and Objectives

The first thing that needs to be done to determine which gripping fixtures will work for your testing needs is to identify what will be tested. Each testing application provides a unique opportunity to verify the strength or value of various materials, as well as for different shapes and sizes of the samples that the client needs to test. As a result, CSC Force Measurement works with industry-leading brands to provide our customers with a wide range of gripping fixtures for different test types and requirements. So whether you require a peel fixture, wire terminal grip, or options for pull testing applications, our team can help you find the best options to meet your specifications.

The right selection of your force gauge and test stand equipment, as well as your gripping fixtures, will make or break your testing application. It is important to adapt your testing equipment to test each sample in order to get the best results. Our team of factory trained technicians and consultants can help you select the best grips and fixtures based on your needs. We also offer a custom design service, which is very competitively priced. Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations every step of the way to help you get the best return on your investment in Mark-10 force gauge and test stand equipment.

Tensile or Pull Testing Applications

Some of the most popular gripping fixtures sold by CSC Force Measurement include tensile or pull testing applications fixtures. Wedge grips with self-tightening jaws, miniature wedge grips for thin or narrow materials, miniature component grips for small pull tests, and multi-jaw grips for pull testing of round or odd-shaped items, are some of the types that we sell.

Two examples of tensile or pull testing applications fixtures include:

  • Mark-10 G1061 Wedge Grip – heavy-duty, self-tightening grips with a capacity range of 200 lbF to 2,000 lbF (1 kN to 10 kN); idea for tensile testing of a wide range of materials; features serrated steel jaws that ride on rollers instead of sliding along the housing; unique design prevents jamming and improves gripping characteristics
  • Mark-10 G1056 Multi-Jaw Grip – universal grip designed for gripping irregularly shaped items and round-shaped samples; common applications of this fixture includes pull-off tests for fasteners and components in the clothing industry, toy manufacturers, and other industries with similar needs

Packaging, Friction, and Peel Fixture Applications

Many of our clients require gripping fixtures that can be used with a Mark-10 force gauge and test stand that can successfully test packaging, friction and peel fixture options. Some of the types that are used include film and paper grips, pneumatic film and paper grips, 90-degree peel fixtures, coefficient of friction (COF) fixtures, score bending fixtures, opening force fixtures, and loop tack fixtures.

Two examples of packaging, friction, and peel fixture applications include:

  • Mark-10 G1008 and G1015 1/2/3 Film & Paper Grips – designed for gripping film paper, labels, packaging, and other thin materials; used for tensile and peel testing; adjustable serrated interlocking jaws for effective grip of samples; provides up to 100 lbF; grips are available in four sizes, ranging from 1-inch to 7-inches
  • Mark-10 G1045 90-degree Peel Fixture – designed for applications in the food and beverage or packaging industries; common testing with these gripping fixtures include adhesives, films, packaging, seals on yogurt containers, and juice containers

Contact CSC Force Measurement

If you are interested in adding specialized gripping fixtures to your Mark-10 force gauge and test stand for pull testing applications and other testing options, make sure to contact our team direct by calling toll-free 1-800-866-3672. We can help you choose the best solutions for your unique needs and specifications. Select from a variety of top quality Mark-10 products, including vise and parallel jaw fixtures; rope, yarn, tubing, and wire terminal grip fixtures; compression, push, and bend fixtures; torque and force fixtures; plus a variety of basic attachments and adapters. Visit our website to see our full selection of gripping fixtures and adapters for all of your testing needs.