Mark-10 Roller Grips: Quality Gripping Fixtures for Industry

mark-10 roller gripsAt CSC Force Measurement, we sell a wide range of gripping fixtures, such as Mark-10 roller grips, designed to work with the force measurement equipment that we provide. As a stocking distributor for some of the biggest names in the business, we have a lot of experience working with each customer to identify their needs and provide them with the fixtures, accessories, and products that they require to achieve their goals. Some of the brands that we supply include CDI, Chatillon, Dillon, Mecmesin, Lloyd Instruments, and Mark-10 products. In addition to our work as a stocking distributor, we also provide excellent products from a wide range of other reputable brands, including MSI, Rice Lake, Ohaus, Tohnichi, Larson Spring Testers, and Sturtevant Richmont, just to name a few.

Mark-10 Roller Grips

The product featured in this article is the adjustable dual roller grip from Mark-10. The cam grip is excellent for pull testing applications, allowing the ends of various samples to be secured effectively during testing operations. Tubing, cables, and even odd-shaped samples can all be used with these Mark-10 roller grips. The design and function of these gripping fixtures makes it easy for the operator to change out samples during testing. A wide slot designed for sample insertion and serrated steel rollers makes engaging and disengaging the samples quick and easy. Depending on your specific needs for each unique testing application, the rollers themselves can also be repositioned to the desired spacing, accommodating a broad range of sample widths up to one inch.

Any type of testing requirements can be met using one of the grips and attachments provided the Mark-10 force measurement line. At CSC Force Measurement, we carry a wide range of options, including wedge grips, miniature wedge grips, component grips, multi-jaw grips, clevis grips, high-capacity clevis grips, and ribbon wrap grips. We also sell a line of packaging and peel friction grips, including film and paper, pneumatic film, 90-degree peel fixtures, coefficient of friction fixtures, score bending fixtures, opening force fixtures, loop tack fixtures, flip cap pull grips, and cork pull fixtures. If you want vise or parallel jaw fixtures, consider the vise action grips in standard, medium, and large sizes for general tensile and pull testing applications.

The Adjustable Dual Roller Grip

Much has gone into the design for Mark-10 gripping fixtures, finding ways to improve upon the equipment used for pull testing applications and other types of force measurement testing. The dual roller grips are designed to secure the ends of wire, cable, and tubing samples for pull testing. Engaging and disengaging samples is quick and easy via an efficient cam design and convenient side slot for sample insertion. Serrated steel rollers produce effective gripping characteristics. Choose from models number G1002 and G1002-1 with capacities up to 200 lbF, as well as the adjustable dual roller grip, model number G1085 with a similar capacity of up to 200 lbF. For more details, see Page 10 of 20 in the Mark-10 Grips & Attachments data sheet.

Other Types of Grips & Attachments

In addition to the types of grips and attachments mentioned so far, CSC Force Measurement also includes a wide range of miniature filament grips, wire and rope grips in multiple sizes and capacities, compression plates, puncture fixtures, Jacobs chuck pin vises, padded attachments, rubber tips, and much more. Specialty fixtures and attachments, including syringe compression fixtures, universal bottle grips, V-jaw grips, universal cap grips, hooks, snap hooks, flat heads, extension rods, chisel points, cone points, V-grooves, swivel adapters, thread adapters, couplings, and other supporting pieces. If you are not sure what you require to meet your unique needs for testing and measurement, contact CSC Force Measurement directly to discuss your requirements. You can reach our team at 1-800-866-FORCE. We can answer any questions you might have about Mark-10 roller grips, including the adjustable dual roller grip and dual roller grip series for all of your pull testing applications needs.