Mark-10 Spring Testers: Types of Spring Testing for Industry

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Mark-10 spring testersWhen you start looking around at options for new equipment sales at CSC Force Measurement, you will notice a category titled “Spring Testers,” which encompasses products that include Mark-10 spring testers. There are many options available, depending on the unique needs of the client. Material testers are used across many different industries from advanced technology for medical devices and electronics to packaging for consumer goods and food service. Motorized and manual force measurement equipment is also available, providing different advantages to the user based upon the environment.

Spring testing can be done during the manufacturing process right on the production floor. It can also be performed during an inspection. Some companies utilize these material testers to perform an overall quality check during the final assembly process. The purpose of spring testing is to ensure that the compression and tension on the vital components of a product are set at the proper level. This is done to make sure that everything is functioning properly to produce quality results. The Mark-10 spring testers contain several different components, which can be purchased through CSC Force Measurement separately from the primary system to meet the demands of the client even further.

Different Types of Spring Testing

When it comes to spring testing, most new equipment sales feature options that include a tension spring testing system, compression spring testing system, and a torsion spring testing system, which is performed with a torque tester. However, the Mark-10 spring testers can be put together using a wide range of different force gauges, test stands, grips, and other force measurement equipment accessories for additional customization. Each component within the overall system provides the means necessary to perform the desired test.

  • TEST STANDS – This piece of equipment is used to produce the force that is necessary to perform the testing. All of the Mark-10 force test stands have the ability to produce both tension and compression force. Choose from a wide range of Mark-10 spring testers, including the Mark-10 TSF Manual Test Stand with 1,000 lbF capacity.
  • FORCE GAUGES – Used to measure the amount of force that is exerted on the spring, all Mark-10 force measurement equipment can measure both tension and compression force, depending on the needs of the user. A full line of force gauges are available through CSC Force Measurement new equipment sales.
  • GRIPS & FIXTURES – Developers can customize material testers through the use of accessories, such as grips and fixtures. Choose from a variety of compression plates, hooks, and specialty grips to use with your Mark-10 spring testers. All Mark-10 gauges and test stands are equipped with fixing threads that can be used for mounting alternative fixtures.

Choosing the Right Device

Depending on the type of testing that you will be doing, it is important to select the right type of force measurement equipment. CSC Force Measurement provides consultation to clients who require additional information to get the proper Mark-10 spring testers, force gauges, grips, and fixtures to provide an accurate spring rate. When it comes to torque testing, there are two material testers available from Mark-10 that will fit the bill. The TST Torque Measurement Test Stand is an excellent choice for torque testings up to 100 lbFin. Our clients use it for closure torque testing, fastener torque testing, and other similar applications. Available in both vertical and horizontal orientations, this stand can be used with the Series R50 universal torque sensors, which can be mounted directly to the stand with six different capacities, as well as other hardware options.

The Mark-10 TSTM-DC Advanced Motorized Torque Test Stand features expanded capabilities, such as a stepper motor design that is used to prevent speed variations with a load and fixture mounting plate. The controller of the TSTM-DC features full PC control, programmable cycling and angle limits, auto-return, and many other enhanced features for improved accuracy and consistency. Programmable button functions, overload protection, digital angle indication, and independent speeds for CW and CCW can also be used. Password protection and optional upgrades to 200 lbFin capacity and 60 RPM maximum speed further enhance this popular force measurement equipment.

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