Mark-10 Test Equipment: Force and Torque Measurement Products

Mark-10 force and torque measurement productsOne of the most well-known and respected brands in force and torque measurement products is Mark-10. They design and manufacture a wide range of products, including Mark-10 force gauges, torque testing system gauges, test stands, and tension and compression measurement solutions. They also produce a wide range of grips, attachments, fixtures, pull testers, load cell adapters, force sensors, calibration tools and much more. Their products are used to help technicians and professionals across every industry to assess and ensure quality. All of the Mark-10 force and torque measurement products and systems are fully engineered, manufactured, and supported in the USA at their New York facility.

Mark-10 Test Stands

CSC Force Measurement carries a wide selection of Mark-10 test equipment, including the various test stands that are designed to work with Mark-10 force and torque measurement products. The Mark-10 TSA750 is a lever operated test stand that is used as a solution for quick action pull testing and compression testing for up to a maximum of 750 lb of tensile or compressive force. The Mark-10 TSFM Motorized Test Stand has up to a 500 lbF capacity and is a versatile option for most compression and tensile applications using a wide variety of sample shapes and sizes due to its modular design.

We also carry several manual test stands from Mark-10 with up to 1000 lbF capacity, manual and motorized torque test stands, and the vertical and horizontal testing options that are available through the Mark-10 ESM303 (H) motorized test stand. Additional accessories, grips, fixtures, stands, and options are all available to further customize the abilities of each Mark-10 test stand with a full range of force and torque measurement products. Not sure which option would work best for you and your needs? Contact our team directly for a free consultation. We specialize in finding custom solutions that are designed to suit your manufacturing requirements and budget.

Mark-10 Gauges

Another area where Mark-10 test equipment excels is in the area of gauges. CSC Force Measurement sells a wide range of gauges, including Mark-10 force gauges, digital force gauges, coefficient of friction gauges, ergonomics force gauges and kits. One of the most popular models is the advanced Mark-10 Digital Force Gauges Series 7, which has a capacity range from 0.12 lbF up to 500 lbF for a variety of applications. The Series 7 gauges include all of the functions that are found in the widely used Series 5 gauges from Mark10, but with several additional features. One of those features is high-speed continuous data capture and storage with memory for up to 5,000 readings, an acquisition rate of up to 14,000 Hz, which is downloadable to a PC or laptop.

To see the full line of Mark-10 force gauges, torque gauges, and other force and torque measurement products, visit the Mark-10 Category Page on our website. Our team can help you assemble a professional torque testing system or force measurement system according to your company’s unique needs and specifications. Contact our team of experienced representatives to discuss your needs. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a full line of Mark-10 test equipment and other high-quality solutions.

Quality Products and Services

CSC Force Measurement is a stocking distributor for Mark-10 products, as well as for other well-known brands, including CDI, Chatillon, Dillon, Mecmesin, and Lloyd Instruments. We also provide other products from other reputable manufacturers in the force and torque measurement products industry. If you would like to take advantage of our free consulting services, we can help to match your needs with the best equipment for the job, including a large variety of digital force gauges, mechanical force gauges, torque gauges, spring testers, software, and test stands. Dealer inquiries are welcome, and our team has experience working with many different clients across just about every industry imaginable.

You can reach out to us by using our online Contact Form or by calling us toll-free at 1-800-866-FORCE (3672). CSC Force Measurement also offers additional services, including accredited calibration and repair services by our team of factory trained technicians. To learn more about these services or to see our accreditation certificates, visit the Services page on our website.