Mark-10 Universal Interchangeable Sensors and Indicators

interchangeable sensors and indicatorsA lot of advancements have been made in the realm of Mark-10 universal sensors, which are used for force measurement in numerous applications across virtually all industries. The Series R51 smart sensors definitely fit this bill, as they are able to measure bi-directional torque and utilize interchangeable sensors and indicators for many different applications. Jacobs chucks, bit holders, and other features add flexibility and provide ease of use as handheld devices or when mounted to a test stand. These Mark-10 force measurement torque sensors offer superb overload protection and offer peace of mind with capacities ranging from 10 ounces of Force per inch on up to 100 pounds of Force per inch. Compatible with Mark-10 indicators, which are sold separately at CSC Force Measurement, they can be used effectively through the manufacturers’ unique Plug & Test technology.

Accurate and Repeatable Results

Mark-10 universal sensors offer all of the accuracy, durability, and reliability you have come to expect from this manufacturer. As part of the Plug & Test family, these interchangeable sensors and indicators come with NIST-traceable certificates of calibration, which can be augmented with ISO17025 certification with data from CSC Force Measurement when purchased with the Mark-10 indicator. The accuracy of the Series R51 smart sensors is +/- 0.20 percent of full scale plus indicator and comes with a full three-year warranty. The lightweight of these sensors, ranging from 1.4 pounds, makes them easy to use with handheld devices and mount to test stands for a variety of different applications and testing needs, either in the field, on the production line, or in the lab.

Choose from a variety of Mark-10 force and torque indicators to use with the Series R51 smart sensors, including the Model M3i, M5i, and M7i series. Not sure what you need or whether these interchangeable sensors and indicators will work together? Simply contact our team at CSC Force Measurement to discuss your goals, needs, and industry requirements. We can help you choose the best instruments and options to help you get the results you need and find the best Mark-10 universal sensors to accomplish your goals. We sell a wide range of Mark-10 force measurement equipment, sensors, gauges, adapters, and Plug & Test family products to ensure that our customers have everything they need to get the accurate and repeatable results they require to support their requirements.

Interchangeable Sensors and Indicators

Mark-10 offers a wide range of options for operators and industries that demand reliable results from their force measurement torque sensors, indicators, and equipment. For example, the Mark-10 M7i professional digital force and torque indicator can be used with a variety of sensors offered by the brand. The R01 S-beam force sensor, R01 miniature button for sensor, R03 inline force sensor, and R-04 miniature S-beam force sensor are just some of the options available. The R5 fully-enclosed smart sensors, R06 wire crimp pull sensor, and the R50 and R51 universal torque sensors are also chosen and used frequently by our customers.

Specialized options are also available through the Mark-10 Plug & Test technology series, including the R52 tool calibration torque sensor, R53 closure torque sensor, and the high-capacity opportunities that come from the R55 torque sensor series. The Mark-10 M7i digital Force and torque indicator is designed to work seamlessly with a largest variety of interchangeable force measurement torque sensors to provide versatile, adaptable, and valuable results to our customers. The Plug & Test technology series provides storage of all calibration and configuration data within the smart connector for true interchangeability. With a blazingly fast sampling rate of 14,000 Hz and reliable results, it is no wonder that this is one of the most popular high-speed options for interchangeable sensors and indicators on the market.

Get Pricing and Support at CSC Force Measurement

If you are interested in learning more about these Mark-10 universal sensors and digital Force and torque indicators, contact our team directly by calling 1-800-866-FORCE. We can answer any questions you might have about Mark-10 products and all of the other force measurement products that we sell and carry. CSC Force Measurement is a stocking distributor for Mark-10, CDI, Chatillon, Dillon, Mecmesin, and Lloyd Instruments. We also provide excellent products from many other top industry manufacturers.