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Material Testers: Maintaining Industry Standards for Packaging

material testers for packagingCSC Force Measurement sells a wide range of digital force gauges, tension traction measuring equipment, and other types of material testers to customers who work across just about every industry in existence. So whether you require a digital dynamometer or peel testing equipment, you can rely on our team to help you get the best device and accessories for your needs. One of the areas that we specialize in is providing testing systems and equipment for packaging and packaging material manufacturers to ensure that all materials are up to industry standards. Specific industries have higher requirements, as packaging is used to protect a wide variety of different goods and products.

Proving the reliability of packaging must be guaranteed through the use of material testers. Additional testing may be required to ensure that the end user will be able to effectively open the packaging, while still guaranteeing that the packaging can perform as expected under a variety of storage and transportation conditions. The equipment that we carry, in the form of digital force gauges, tension traction measuring, and digital dynamometer equipment, helps manufacturers of all types to ensure that the products they are creating will stand up to anticipated use and conditions, including temperature, resistance, top loading, peel testing, coefficient of friction testing, and pull testing, just to name a few.

The Chatillon DFS II Series

One of the brands that we carry for digital force gauges at CSC Force Measurement is Chatillon. The Chatillon DFS II Series, which includes the DFS II and the DFS II-R, allows for testing capacities that range between 2 lbF and 500 lbF, providing the user with a wide range of testing options. Through the use of a remote SLC load cell, which is attached to the unit, the user can use material testers in locations where a fixed and integral load cell would be impractical. The DFS II Series is the first of its type to offer wireless data transfer via Integral Bluetooth Communications.

Excellent for both hand-held and test stand applications, the Chatillon DFS II Series is frequently used by material testers to collect data for tear strength testing on new materials. The user can perform statistic analysis directly on the screen and, when mounted to a Chatillon LTCM Series test stand, testing can also be performed at the end of a production line, transferring the data directly to a PC for further analysis. Load and torque measurement options are also available with the Chatillon DFS II-R when equipped with integral load cells or smart remote sensors. Break detection, including a sharp break and a percentage break detector, can also be used for further material testing. Selectable units of measurement include ozF, gF, lbF, kgF, and N to provide the user with greater flexibility.

The Mark-10 Series 7

Another extremely popular series of professional digital for gauges comes from Mark-10. The Series 7 is the most sophisticated option available and can be used for the most demanding tension traction measuring and compression measurement applications up to 500 lbF. Extreme accuracy and blazingly fast sample rates of 14,000 Hz, provide reliable results for extremely quick-action tests. The Mark-10 Series 7 features all of the functions of the Series 5 gauges, but with several additional features. Those features include high-speed continuous data capture and storage with memory for up to 5,000 readings. The gauges also feature a programmable footswitch sequencing, break detection, and 1st/2nd peak detection. Additional material testers can be performed with these digital force gauges, to include a coefficient of friction unit of measurement and user-defined unit of measurement.

To further enhance productivity, Mark-10 has added other features to these digital force gauges to include automatic data output, data storage, and zeroing functions upon the completion of the test. This works with an external trigger, averaging, break detection, and 1st/2nd peak detection testing. Directly compatible with Mark-10 test stands, including the popular ESM303, the user can perform such functions as dynamic load holding, compression testing, PC control capability, tensile testing, break testing, and other essential applications. The use of the included MESUR Lite data acquisition software and ability to upgrade to the full version of MESUR software, allows the user to tabulate continuous or single point data with a one-click export function to Excel for further data manipulation.

The Objective of Material Testers

When it comes time to choose the best equipment, accessories, and options for material testing, our customers know that CSC Force Measurement carries the best brands, quality devices, and most essential accessories for the material test industry. Whether you are testing packaging with digital force gauges or measuring tensile properties with tension traction measuring equipment, we’ve got your back. Many of our customers express the need to test packaging materials to minimize costs, reduce waste, and improve processing and production time, while still maintaining industry standards and requirements. The products and testing tools that we sell help them to conform to standards, optimize their design, and ensure quality testing solutions.

Digital force gauges are used to measure pushing or pulling forces. Our customers can choose from a variety of different types, sizes, brands, and options based on their individual needs. Select a hand-held, test stand mountable, or load cell integrated gauge to help you achieve your goals. Not sure what you need? Contact our team at CSC Force Measurement by calling toll-free 1-800-866-3672 or use our online contact form to reach out to one of our team members. We can answer any questions that you might have about material testers and industry testing equipment, including digital dynamometer, digital force gauges, tension traction measuring, and much more.