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Lloyd Instruments Material Testing SystemsBusinesses that are looking for a cost-effective, easy-to-use testing system need only to look at the brand new material testing systems available from Lloyd Instruments. Compatible with NEXGENPlus software, the LS1, LS2.5, LS5, and brand new LD series of testing machines from Lloyd Instruments really raise the bar for digital material testers. It is important to have material testing systems that are designed to take on applications that are essential to the success of your business. The best way to get the biggest return on your investment is to find Lloyd Instruments testers that are simple to operate, maintain, and customize to meet your company’s growing demands.

The LS5 series is suited for material testing up to 5 kN of 1124 lbf, while the LS 2.5 features a capacity of 2.5kN or 562 lbf and a long 55″ travel. These testing machines are designed to utilize high accuracy and interchangeable YLC series loadcells to provide accurate measurements for tension, compression, and cycling tests. The ease of use comes from an integrated control console that features a multi-function keypad. An LCD display helps the operator view the load and extension information for each test that is performed, and the control console guides the user through the operations with straightforward prompts and menus. Collected test information can be exported to Microsoft products for analysis.

Who Uses Lloyd Instruments Testers?

At CSC Force Measurement, we work with a lot of different clients across multiple industries. Researchers, engineers, product developers, designers, and manufacturers all over the world rely on Lloyd Instruments testers to provide them with material testing systems and digital material testers that will help them to develop new and innovative products. The products and services provided by Lloyd Instruments allow our clients to create high-quality products at a much faster and more efficient rate than with other types of testing machines. CSC Force Measurement is proud to offer Lloyd Instruments testers and products to our customers.

Quality material testing systems help businesses to optimize performance, increase reliability, ensure safety and create better products for everything from the automotive industry to commercial construction and everything in between. The development of biomedical devices, aerospace technology, telecommunications equipment, advanced computer systems, and everyday consumer products, all rely on high-performance testing machines to produce quality components with precision, safety, and control. Make sure to review the options available from Lloyd Instruments on our website or speak with an agent about the LS and LD series machines.

The New LD Series

The latest material testing systems available from Lloyd Instruments are in the LD Series. This latest series features dual column material testing machines in five different models: the LD5, LD10, LD30, LD50, and the LD100. This series is very powerful and features an extra wide testing area that can test materials up to 100 kN. Excellent for a broad variety of materials, including packaging, wood, rubber, metal, and plastics, the testing area is 452 mm wide and has a crosshead travel of 1070 mm, which can be extended up to 1669 mm. That extra-wide testing area and expandable range make the new LD Series from Lloyd Instruments one of the largest testing areas on the market today.

Some of the other features of the brand new LD Series include:

  • superior displacement accuracy due to an AC drive and preloaded ball screws
  • automated testing featuring a CANBUS interface for fast communications
  • NEXYGENPlus Software for analysis and reporting
  • load measuring system designed to exceed requirements of international standards
  • YLC load cells for high accuracy and interchangeable options
  • crosshead travel 1070 mm with extended options of up to 1669 mm
  • saves up to 600 test results and features ten programmable test set-ups on-board, unlimited using software
  • multi-lingual and multi-unit display options come standard with LD Series
  • flash memory upgradeable and full PC integration options

Contact CSC Force Measurement for Lloyd Instruments

If you are interested in learning more about the brand new LD Series of material testing systems from Lloyd Instruments testers, contact CSC Force Measurement by calling toll-free 1-800-866-3672. Our team can answer any questions you might have about these just-released digital material testers and help you choose the best testing machines and systems based on your unique needs and requirements. In addition to selling material testing systems and other force measurement equipment, our team of factory trained technicians also provide repairs, preventive maintenance, servicing, and calibration for our clients all across the country. Call today to learn more about our sales and service opportunities at CSC Force Measurement.