Versatile Measuring Tools: Mechanical & Digital Force Gauges

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Digital Force Gauges at CSC Force MeasurementA force gauge is a very versatile piece of measuring equipment that is used across nearly all industries to measure the amount of force produced during a push or pull test. There are many applications that are currently used in laboratory settings, such as research and development, as well as on the production line and in real-world testing, to ensure quality production results. Both mechanical force gauges and digital force gauges are widely used by industry professionals. While digital options, such as the latest equipment from Mark-10 force gauges, are taking over the force measurement equipment industry, many businesses still rely on mechanical force gauges.

What is a Digital Force Gauge?

In the simplest of terms, digital force gauges are handheld instruments that are used to provide an accurate measurement of force. It contains electronics, a display screen, and an integral load cell or force sensor. It is the force censor that is the true power of the digital force gauge. Essentially, it is a spring that flexes as force is exerted upon it. Strain gauges are used to measure the amount of strain experienced as the spring flexes to determine the amount of force. The greater the strain, the greater the voltage output; the greater the voltage output, the greater the force. The force value is displayed on the instrument, determined by the voltage output that goes into the electronic and microprocessor within the force measurement equipment.

Mark-10 force gauges, particularly the Series 5 and Series 3 digital force gauges, as well as the Chatillon DFEII instrument, are top choices for many industrial and laboratory uses. They can be used in the lab and on the production floor. It is important to choose quality force measurement equipment to achieve the most accurate results. Because these instruments are used to measure forces up to a thousand pounds, they are built to be strong, durable, and can stand up to the job for which they were designed.

Selecting the Right Force Gauge

Which force gauge is best for your needs? There are many differences in the capabilities and capacities of the digital force gauges available through C.S.C. Force Measurement. It is important that you select the right digital or mechanical force gauges, based on your specific needs or requirements. Mark-10 force gauges can range between 500 lbF for the Series 3 and 1,000 lbF for the Series 5. The Chatillon DFEII has a capacity that ranges between 2 lbF and 500 lbF, making it ideal for use with handheld applications and test stands for accurate force measurement equipment. In fact, a variety of test stands, test grips, and fixtures are available through C.S.C. Force Measurement, depending on the sample that is being tested.

In most cases, the primary value that industry needs to know is the peak or maximum observed force. This measurement is used to determine whether a specific part is up to standards, or not. It can be used to measure the amount of force required to open anything from consumer products to doors, switches, latches, and other closures. Digital and mechanical force gauges can be used for a wide range of testing requirements, including push and pull testing.

Proper use of the force gauge is required, but the process is quite simple. Just a few basic guidelines are needed to ensure that the force measurement equipment is not damaged and that the results provided are accurate and consistent. For example, in the testing process for most manufactured components, the load must be applied axially concerning the instrument itself to prevent damage from occurring to the load cell. This ensures that the displayed force reading is accurate and is not skewed due to the angle being used during measurement. Speed consistency is also important so that additional tests may be compared and measured according to the same parameters. Test stands can help to achieve speed consistency in a variety of tests and ensure that the force gauges are aligned correctly.

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If you are in the market for mechanical force gauges or digital force gauges, whether you are interested in the Mark-10 Series 3, Mark-10 Series 5, or the Chatillon DFEII Series force measurement equipment, you can rely on C.S.C. Force Measurement to provide you with quality products and excellent service. In addition to our sales of new, reconditioned, and demo equipment, we also offer a variety of services, including ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration and factory authorized repairs. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-866-3672 to learn more about the products and services we provide.