Mechanical Hanging Scales: Chatillon Measurement Equipment

mechanical hanging scalesKnown all over the world for providing industry with reliable measurement equipment, Chatillon offers the 4200 Series mechanical hanging scales for the ultimate in accuracy and dependability. Available in multiple capacities, ranging from 15 to 60 pounds and 15 to 30 kilograms, this series can be specified as a Class III “Legal for Trade” scale. Designed to provide the user with easy-to-read results and multiple accessory options, the 4200 Series has even been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for use in general food handling with the removable 5-inch deep round pan with drain holes. With features created to accommodate the demands of many different industries, these Chatillon scales can be an asset to just about any type of business that relies on the use of hanging scales.

Intuitive Features for Better Readings

Consider the glass-covered, 9-inch double dial of the 4200 Series Chatillon scales, which features bold black numbers and graduations. The pointers are in a bright, contrasting red to allow for easy identification in many different types of environments. The scales themselves are designed to provide fully supported stainless steel pinion in oil-less bearings with a precisely mated bronze rack to deliver unmatched dependability. Full scale capacity is achieved in three pointer revolutions to maximize the ability of these mechanical hanging scales. When searching for USDA approved scales or a “Legal for Trade” scale, you will find that this product exceeds expectations, while ensuring that all regulations and requirements are met.

Choose from avoirdupois or metric models, depending on your needs, the 4200 Series provides the graduations that your business requires to operate efficiently and precisely. The scales are supplied with a bottom hook made from nickel-plated steel or with the popular AS pan, constructed of stainless steel. The type of business that you run and the items that need to be measured will dictate which option is best. With many options and features to choose from with these Chatillon scales, it is easy to see why they have earned such a solid reputation for creating reliable measurement equipment for industry. It is also possible to choose between single and double dial (DD) heads, depending on your intended use.

Specifications of Mechanical Hanging Scales

The 4200 Series Chatillon scales provide a variety of accuracy ratings, depending on the Class III use of these USDA approved scales, that are based according to Handbook 44 guidelines. A Certificate of Conformance No. 87-092, Model 002/A was issued under the national Type Evaluation Program of the National Conference on Weights and Measures, that the design conforms to NIST Handbook 44 Class III. This scale is “Legal for Trade” subject to on-site verification by the local jurisdictions for Weights and Measures. For example, the Model 4230-T in the range of 0-15 pounds offers an accuracy rating of +/- 0.05 percent, while the same model in the range of 16-30 pounds offers an accuracy rating of +/- 0.10 percent.

For other models available in the 4200 Series of mechanical hanging scales from Chatillon, the accuracy range also depends on the weight range that is being used. A complete table may be viewed on the CSC Force Measurement website that features all of the specific tolerances, accuracy ratings, scale divisions, and weight ranges for models 4215-X, 4230-X, 4260-X, K4215-K, and K4230-X. If you are unsure of which model and range you need in the way of reliable measurement equipment for your business, contact one of our team members. We employ a wide range of knowledgeable and experienced sales staff who can assist you in matching the correct scales to your needs. Precision weighing and measuring are crucial to the success of many different industries and we strive to meet or exceed expectations in the degree of consulting and support that we provide to our customers.

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