Medical Ergonomics Testing in the Workplace: Mark-10 EK3 Kit

medical ergonomics testingFor workplace ergonomics and the testing of consumer goods and equipment, tension and compression force measurement is crucial. The fundamental goals of medical ergonomics testing is to eliminate the possibility of musculoskeletal injuries occurring when using the aforementioned product, piece of machinery, or gadget. Manufacturers in a wide range of industries should place a high focus on worker safety and the creation of safe products for consumers. To support the design, development, and ongoing assurance of ergonomics in equipment, machinery, goods, and gadgets, ergonomics testing kits are used to carry out a variety of experiments. For individuals wishing to do this kind of ergonomic testing, CSC Force Measurement’s Mark-10 EK3 digital force gauge and dynamometer medical testing equipment are good options.

The Study of Ergonomics

Although the field of medical ergonomics testing has been studied for a long time, it has only recently gained in popularity and become more widely used in the workplace. Testing for ergonomics is concerned with the human aspect and how the user fits with the activities they perform, the tools they use, and the surroundings. The ultimate goal of injury prevention and other concerns that can arise during activity is the decrease of physical stress. It is crucial to do dynamometer medical testing using ergonomics testing kits to make sure that the technologies, apparatus, and products being created and marketed are secure and efficient for use by people. For quick, precise, and repeatable testing, the Mark-10 EK3 digital force gauge kit provides both tension and compression force measurement.

The definition of “ergonomics” and how it is used might vary widely, depending on the industry served. It can be used to test the safety of practically anything you can think of, from computer keyboards to smartphones, heavy-duty equipment controls to kitchen appliances. Ergonomics testing kits are very helpful in determining safe use of products that people will be pushing, tugging, pressing, or utilizing in any other way. Many different products are tested using tension and compression force measurement. When new machinery, goods, and devices are being produced for professional, industrial, commercial, or consumer end-users, it is crucial. A wide variety of testing tools are offered from CSC Force Measurement that are created to satisfy our clients’ needs and industry standards.

Mark-10 Dynamometer Testing Kit

To satisfy all of your testing requirements, this particular testing kit includes the Mark-10 EK3 digital force gauge and testing solutions in three capacities: 100 lbF (500 N), 200 lbF (1,000 N), and 500 lbF (2,500 N). It measures the functional job needs and push/pull muscular strength for workplace assessments, physical therapy, and medical ergonomics testing and research. Our ergonomics testing kits offer experts quick, affordable testing options that they may use to efficiently assess based on their requirements. The kit comprises a USB cable, MESUR Lite data gathering software, and a Mark-10 EK3 digital force gauge with data output.

This tension and compression force monitoring device also has the following features:

Non-slip rubber double and single handles provide a secure grip for reliable testing. Cushioned square, rectangle, and flat attachments that can be connected directly to the digital force gauge for assessing musculoskeletal strength. With a swiveling motion for appropriate alignment, a snap clasp and hook features have been included for increased safety. A circular flat attachment has also been provided for compression testing. Series EK3, AC adapter, battery, user’s guide, and accessory case with padding. NIST-traceable calibration certificate is included, and CSC Force Measurement may also give an ISO17025 calibration certificate.

Medical Ergonomics Testing

Testing solutions for tension and compression force measurement are available from CSC Force Measurement in a variety of forms. Our selection of medical ergonomics testing kits, such as this one that makes use of the Mark-10 EK3 digital force gauge for dynamometer medical testing, can be tailored to meet your specific needs, technical requirements, and business standards. Our consulting team is available to ensure that you receive the appropriate equipment for the task. Speak with one of our helpful and professional customer service representatives personally if you have any inquiries regarding ergonomics testing or need something particular. Contact us by dialing 1-800-866-FORCE or 1-800-866-3672 toll-free. CSC Force Measurement is ready to provide our clients with high-caliber goods and added-value services. We are recognized as a crucial company because we offer expert services to customers all over the nation and the world.