Motorized Test Stands for Force Testing

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In addition to purchasing the right type of force gauges for digital and analog testing, today’s manufacturers and laboratories also need to select the best motorized test stands for the job. Force and torque testing can be achieved using motorized test stands, but it is important to choose the right piece of equipment for the work that needs to be done. CSC Force Measurement sells a wide variety of top industry brand names, including Mark-10 test equipment and Chatillon test equipment. Some of the specific models that are most popular with our clients include the Mark-10 ESM 303, ESM 750, and ESM 1500 models, as well as the Chatillon CS225 and CS1100 models. Each is designed to work with different force gauges to provide the user with a high-quality system for accurate results.

Why Motorized Test Stands are Better

While each client will have their own preference regarding force and torque test stand equipment, motorized test stands have a clear advantage over non-motorized or manual test stands. One of the biggest benefits is that motorized test stands can provide a constant and reliable test speed. This helps to eliminate any variables that might impact the force or torque test readings. In fact, some models can also be programmed by the user to help accommodate demanding applications. Advanced test sequences can be used and effectively integrated with a digital force gauge.

Motorized test stands are ideal for force measurement testing. They can work to eliminate the variability that can be found in handheld testing, providing more consistent data. However, they can also work to automate the process, allowing for measurement testing to be duplicated precisely according to the number of times required for proper data collection. Depending on the model that is chosen, whether it is Mark-10 test equipment, Chatillon test equipment, or any other brand, there are a wide variety of capabilities that are available, including loading methods, configurations, and functional features.

Mark-10 Test Equipment

One of the largest brand names in the force measurement industry is Mark-10. Three of the most popular models of motorized test stands are available through CSC Force Measurement, including the Mark-10 ESM 303, ESM 750, and ESM 1500 series. A wide range of force gauges can be used with these models, including the Series 4, Series 5, and Series 7 options. In fact, the ESM 303 is a highly configurable single-column force tester, designed to accurately measure tension and compression applications up to 300 pounds of force (300lbF). It features a very rugged design, which makes it for both production and laboratory environments.

A broad range of tests can be performed with top quality Mark-10 test equipment and motorized test stands, including break testing, limit testing, load holding, tensile testing, compression testing, and elongation testing, among other types of force measurement. Whether you require a force or torque test stand, make sure to take a look at the options available for CSC Force Measurement. We have the products you need to take advantage of all the options available for force and distance limits and other specifications to help you achieve your goals. Make sure to ask about our Mark-10 test equipment options when you are shopping around for motorized test stands and other related products.

Chatillon Test Equipment

Another really big name in force measurement equipment is Chatillon. CSC Force Measurement is proud to offer the Chatillon CS225 and CS1100 models, both of which are part of a very innovative system that optimizes the production of testing applications for many different industries. These motorized test stands are used for the testing of packaging, textiles, medical devices, rubber, and plastic, among other types of force measurement testing. Force test stand testing can be achieved with the Chatillon test equipment for ISO accredited testing procedures.

Multi-stage, cyclic testing, limit testing, break testing, loop testing, tensile, compression, peel, and user-defined testing options are all possible with the Chatillon motorized test stands. The Chatillon CS225 Series digital force test stand is very easy-to-use and provides accurate and comprehensive testing opportunities for tensile, compression, and flexural testing. Choose from a variety of functions and options or select the more advanced multi-stage testing options to customize these motorized test stands. To find out if these products are right for you and the type of force measurement testing that you need to do, contact our team directly.

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