Multiple Testing Applications: Chatillon Digital Force Gauge

digital force gaugeEssential testing for a variety of basic and complex applications can be achieved by using quality Chatillon test equipment. The DFS II-R-ND Series digital force gauge is one of the more popular pieces of equipment that we sell at CSC Force Measurement. It can be used with Chatillon SLC load cells and STS torque sensors to create custom solutions to achieve specific testing requirements. The quick and easy use of this well-designed digital force gauge makes it simple for operators to use it either for handheld testing in the field or test stand applications in the lab or on the production floor. Chatillon test equipment can be equipped with integral load cells or smart remote sensors for effective load and torque measurement. To determine the best options for your testing needs, our team of operators are ready to help customers make informed decisions about the various types of equipment that we carry.

Accurate and Repeatable Results

One of the most crucial requirements for any type of test equipment is that it be able to provide accurate and repeatable results. The measurement accuracy of the DFS II Chatillon test equipment is better than 0.1 percent full scale in integral load cell or dedicated remote models. It offers a large, easy-to-read, high-resolution, full-color dot matrix LCD display that is designed to support a variety of standard gauge functions, including both normal and peak readings. Other options include low/high limits, setpoints, pass/fail results, statistical results, load averaging, sharp break detection, load comparisons, and more. For the operator, loads can be displayed in your choice of ounces of force (ozF), grams (gF), pounds (lbF), kilograms (kgF), and N units. The display can even be inverted and hidden from the operator. Password protection is available for gauge setups to avoid operator issues.

The DFS II Series is designed to deliver accurate and repeatable results. An integral load cell sensor and innovative load bar graph is used to show dynamic load, the direction of load and can be used to warn of an impending overload condition. The smart technology used in the gauge helps to keep track of overload history as well, which can be beneficial for maintenance and troubleshooting. Comprehensive results can be achieved, including measured results with units, various operating modes, pass/fail results, high and low load results, saved results, and statistical calculations. These calculations can include standard deviations, a graphical representation of the saved results, the percentage difference between successive results, averages with MIN and MAX results, and CV with average and standard deviations. The unit can be calibrated with certified results to meet or exceed industry regulations and requirements.

Automated ForceTest Software

To maximize the return on investment for your Chatillon test equipment, including the DFS II digital force gauge and digital indicators, the ForceTest software works to expand functionality and interface directly to perform tests and create graphs using a personal computer. The test results can be followed directly on the screen while the test is running or examined after testing is completed, depending on your needs. An intuitive user interface ensures that compression, tension, torque, peel, and friction tests are set up correctly and effectively. Custom chart colors can be set and used for easier view and manipulation of data. Choose from various measurements, fonts, titles, and force measurement resolutions, which can be customized directly through the ForceTest software.

Some of the options include measurements for force at maximum, at break, in a time window, average force, ad much more. Basic force measurements can also be accomplished, including tensile and compression test formats, pull-to-break, pull-to-limit, compress-to-rupture, and compress-to-limit with the click of just a few buttons. Designed to reduce setup time and streamline testing, the ForceTest software provides a series of preset templates. This helps users auto-load the latest tests performed, open previously saved trials, and use them as a template for new tests. Easy export and reporting also helps test results to be presented in spreadsheet format for better analytics and manipulation of data. Results can also be displayed graphically, and tabular results can be displayed to show relationships or produce reports in CSV format, as well as PDF and Word formats, depending on your needs.

Chatillon DFS II Series Digital Force Gauge

To learn more about the Chatillon test equipment available through CSC Force Measurement, contact our team directly. We can answer any questions you might have about the DFS II digital force gauge, Chatillon SLC load cells, and related digital indicators. We can be reached online through our contact form or via phone by calling toll-free at 1-800-866-FORCE. We also offer ISO 17025 accredited calibration and repair services, preventive maintenance, and other valuable services that can be used to increase the return on investment.