Chatillon hanging scaleSometimes known as “crane scales,” depending on the industry, hanging scales are used in several ways to provide weight measurement via the use of hooks to suspend a load. As you might expect, hanging scales are standard in warehouses, shipyards, shipping depots, and manufacturing facilities. Specialized Chatillon hanging scale options are available, including the linear scale series, hanging milk scale series, and bulk scale warehouse series, just to name a few. CSC Force Measurement offers our clients a wide range of models designed to meet specific needs and requirements for hanging scale measurement.

The scale can be hung in a number of ways, either from a crane or other machinery, as well as installed hooks and different types of apparatuses explicitly designed for production line or laboratory measurement. Depending on the capacity of the load, a simple setup for hanging the scale could be used, and for smaller items, it can even be handheld during measurement to suspend the load. CSC Force Measurement carries a wide range of heavy-duty hanging scales in addition to industry-specific or capacity-specific models.

Chatillon Bulk Scale Warehouse Series

One of our big sellers is the Chatillon warehouse series, which features capacities that include 50, 60, 100, and 200 pounds. Used for general purpose applications, these scales are designed with heavy gauge steel that features a large and easy-to-read eight-inch dial with large, bold black numbers and graduations. A zero adjustment screw is available on the bulk scale warehouse series from Chatillon, and the scale itself is factory calibrated using certified NIST weights for accuracy and repeatability. The scale itself comes with a top loop and a bottom hook, both of which are plated for durability.

Chatillon Hanging Milk Scale MD Series

This series was designed specifically for use by the dairy industry. Constructed of heavy gauge steel and a large, easy-to-read eight-inch dial with large, bold black numbers and graduations, it is somewhat similar to the bulk scale warehouse series. However, the MD-60 hanging milk scale features two pointers. One pointer can be locked in to indicate the net tare weight, while the other pointer can be used to indicate the gross weight of the load. The scale capacity is achieved in three-pointer revolutions, and the overall capacity is 60 pounds. Similar to the other Chatillon hanging scale models, a zero adjustment screw is provided, and the scale comes factory calibrated using certified NIST weights. The scale comes with a top loop and a bottom hook, both of which are plated for durability.

Chatillon Hanging Scale BD Series

Designed for weighing small and large loads, these scales are most frequently used by customers who serve the agriculture, warehouse, and manufacturing industries. Constructed with a heavy, protective cast-iron runner and a housing that features an easy-to-read seven-inch dial with large, bold black numbers and graduations, full capacity can be achieved in one revolution. Two capacities are available in this Chatillon hanging scale BD Series, including 200 and 400 pounds. Full details are provided on our website regarding operating and storage temperatures, safe and ultimate overload capacities, and much more. Similar to the other hanging scale series, this model features a top loop and bottom hook that are both plated for durability.

Chatillon Iron Clad Linear Scale Series

Severe applications can best be served by this linear scale series from Chatillon, including warehouses, receiving docks, marine businesses and other applications where harsh environmental conditions are present. Extra heavy-duty steel and cast iron construction feature a recessed pointer with deeply embossed numbers and graduations. All Chatillon linear scale series iron clad models come with a holding loop and a bottom hook. Visit our website to view the full data sheet for this Chatillon hanging scale, including operating and storage temperatures, and other related tools and accessories.

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