chatillon force measurementAMETEK STC recently introduced their latest series of new generation force test models for the force measurement industry. The Chatillon TCM Series consists of two distinctive force testing solution options that are modular, flexible, and have the ability to provide fast and effective force testing for up to 350 lbF (1500 N) at a surprisingly affordable price. While the TCM100 is designed for low capacity testing of up to 100 lbF (500 N), the TCM350 is well-suited for testing samples at the higher end of the scale. However, both digital force testers from Chatillon force measurement offer a lot of features that allow them to perform force tests, including compression, tension, peeling, bending, insertion, adhesion, and extraction on samples up to 7.8 inches (200 mm).

Chatillon ForceTest Software

For quick and easy analysis of collected data, the Chatillon ForceTest software can be added to enable seamless serial data communication from the force testing solution to a computer. This intuitive software can also save test setups for faster workflow, offer live data view during testing procedures, and ensure easy export of test results to either CSV or PDF formats. When you also combine the DFE or DFS Series digital force testers and gauges with the ForceTest software, you can also access time and date stamped data, while also taking advantage of other inherent benefits.

Effective and affordable, these new generation force test models from Chatillon force measurement provide flexible force testing solution options that can be designed to match your specific needs. By creating a modular base solution that can be expanded upon according to the specifications and requirements of the user, Chatillon has made it more affordable to get a top quality solution that will meet all of your testing demands, without wasting money on features that you don’t even need. As your testing needs change over time, these digital force testers from Chatillon can continue being upgraded and expanded to fit all of your new requirements.

Expanded and Extended Editions

Both the TCM100 and TCM350 models of digital force testers from Chatillon force measurement feature standard crosshead travel of 16 inches (406 mm) and are also available in extended editions that feature crosshead travel of up to 32 inches (812 mm). They feature a full throat depth at 3.9 inches (100 mm), which enables the operator to perform a variety of testing options either on the production line or in the laboratory while maintaining a compact footprint. The large LED display makes it easy to continuously monitory the test, clearly indicating travel speed and other essential information.

Haptic feedback is another feature of the TCM series digital force testers from Chatillon force measurement, which reduces the time spent on test configuration and effectively eliminating many common operator errors. The tactile buttons on the force testing solution have no moving parts or membranes, which increases durability, particularly in a production environment. A wide selection of different grips and features can be used to further enhance the flexibility of these new generation force test models for use in just about any industry. An included universal adapter plate with international thread sizes to ASM and metric provide flexibility for operators to install custom and standard fixtures, as needed.

CSC Force Measurement for Chatillon Equipment

Our entire team is dedicated to providing our customers with access to a full line of digital force testers and force testing solution offers from the top brands in the business. We are excited about these new generation force test models from Chatillon force measurement and are happy to speak with you and answer any questions that you might have about this new TCM series. Quality control managers have relied on CSC Force Measurement for over 50 years, and we are proud to provide top quality performing equipment in the area of mechanical force gauges, digital force gauges, torque products, test stands, spring testers, dynamometers, grips, testing software, push/pull force gauges, and professional calibration of all our products. If you would like to learn more, call us toll-free at 1-800-866-3672. Our highly trained and experienced sales staff is happy to discuss all of your load sensing, and force measurement needs, including rental equipment and pre-owned and demo units. Dealer inquiries are welcome.