New Lloyd NexygenPlus Software: Data Collection and Analysis

As the demands for data collection and analysis within the force measurement testing industry expand and grow, materials testing software must be ready to evolve to meet industry needs. Lloyd Instruments, one of the most well-known brands in force measurement testing, has released the Lloyd NexygenPlus software version 4.1, which is a multilingual program designed to be the hub of the Lloyd Instruments materials testing system. Extremely flexible and easy to use, this software has been designed to be used by the operator to easily control and monitor all aspects of the system from a single front end. It is perfect for those who require a fast, reliable, and powerful testing and data analysis system for a variety of different test types. Peel, friction, food, compression, tensile, tear, creep, relaxation, and flexural test applications can all be used with this powerful Windows10 software.

Getting Started: Materials Testing Software

Unlike other types of materials testing software, Lloyd Instruments has made it simple to customize the data collection and analysis features to suit your needs. NexygenPlus 4.1 features an extensive built-in library of testing methods that all adhere to the various international standards, including ASTM, EN, ISO, AACC, and DIN. The operator can choose to create multi-stage tests for more complicated or unique testing demands, and a robust security and audit trail module offers 100 percent traceability. Total automation capacity for automatic testing is also available with this powerful testing software from Lloyd Instruments.

The Lloyd NexygenPlus software 4.1 is configured to allow for accurate and rapid data collection with many built-in functions for free testing. A video capture system is used to provide playback of synchronized video and graphs, making it ideal for the post-test analysis of the product and component testing. Optional SQL database-driven audit trail is used for logging critical changes to allow for Active Directory domain user management. The materials testing software also includes a comprehensive multi-stage test wizard and a new enhanced graphical user interface to make it even easier to use and configure than earlier versions. The operator can quickly export data using Microsoft Office, SPC, or LIMS packages, as well as print or email results.

Functionality of Lloyd NexygenPlus Software

Variations in production can be costly, resulting in scrap material and other consequential losses due to quality issues. This software from Lloyd Instruments can be used to ensure more effective monitoring of processes statistically to detect variations before the customer receives the product. The use of SPC (statistical process control) helps to avoid losses by detecting when a process is going out of the parameters of the control. Lloyd Nexygen Plus software version 4.1 provides added benefits, including continuous monitoring of SPC data with user alerts and the ability to export data using Excel, TXT, ASCII, and other options.

The materials testing software includes built-in export utilities and takes full advantage of the power and flexibility provided by Microsoft word for reporting and Microsoft Excel for further analysis and data manipulation. The software is multilingual, available in English and Spanish, as well as French, German, Italian, Danish, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, and Polish. Another benefit is the workflow builder option, which facilitates both software and hardware automation. This can be a real advantage in a quality control environment where time and accuracy are essential to ensure that routine testing can be carried out with the minimum of input from the operator.

Force Measurement Equipment & Software

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