grips and peel fixturesRecent innovations in food packaging systems, as well as an increased interest in sustainable and eco-friendly plastics, have made it challenging for manufacturers to create packaging that meets all of the demands. In addition, government regulations and industry requirements regarding certain types of packaging, such as child-proof designs for the pharmaceutical industry and other products that require safety packaging, must also be met. CSC Force Measurement offers a wide range of testing equipment, including grips and peel fixtures, for packaging developers and product manufacturers to use to verify the quality of their materials. Product testing gripping fixtures, such as Mark-10 grips and Mark-10 peel fixtures, can be used with torque measurement test stands and other types of force measurement equipment for accurate and repeatable results.

Food Packaging Requirements

One of the most demanding industries that requires careful attention is the materials and designs used in food packaging. The safety guidelines for these products can vary widely from country to country. The objective is to ensure that food packaging does not have harmful chemicals that can leach into consumable food products. Certain PFCs (perfluorinated compounds) are banned in the United States but are still legal to be used in other countries. However, many manufacturers simply follow the most stringent regulations across the board to avoid any unforeseen changes to requirements overseas and for the overall safety of their products.

In addition to safety concerns, product testing gripping fixtures, such as the universal cap grip and the bottle grip, must be able to ensure that the product inside will be kept safe from damage during transportation. The materials that are used must be chosen carefully to prevent issues under extreme weather conditions, such as high temperatures or freezing cold. Optimal pallet stackability should also be considered when testing, to prevent crushing, spilling, and product loss. Even if your products are only shipped locally or in the United States, it is still important to make sure they make it intact to the intended end user.

Mark-10 Grips

When it comes to product testing gripping fixtures, Mark-10 has a wide range of options for manufacturers who require specific tests to be performed on unique materials. Some examples of the Mark-10 grips available at CSC Force Measurement include the wire terminal grip, dual roller grip, miniature component grip, film and paper grips, Jacobs Chuck pin vice grip, and the parallel jaw grip. Mark-10 also makes the universal cap grip, pneumatic film and paper grip, universal V-jaw cap grip, multi-jaw grip, wedge grip, miniature wedge grip, and the standard vice grip. Specialized options can include the wire terminal pull grip, clevis grip, miniature filament grip, flip cap pull grip, self-centering vice grip, and the ribbon wrap grip.

Mark-10 Fixtures

In addition to grips, Mark-10 also has a wide range of product testing gripping fixtures that can be used for product and packaging testing. The G1110 puncture fixture offers testing for the puncture resistance of plastic films and other materials up to 1,000 lbF or 5 kN. It is designed to work in conformance with ASTM D5748 and can be adapted to Mark-10 force gauges and force sensors. The Mark-10 G1105 cork pull fixture is designed to extract a cork stopper out of a bottle to provide pull force measurements. It is designed to work in conformance with ISO 9727 and can accommodate bottles up to 1.5 L, including both natural and synthetic stoppers.

The Mark-10 G1098 loop tack fixture is used for testing pressure-sensitive adhesives in conformance with ASTM D6195 and related standards. The Mark-10 G1086 coefficient of friction fixture is compatible with the ESM303 test stand, as well as the ESM750 and ESM1500 test stands. The COF fixture is designed to be an integral part of a larger COF measurement system. It is designed to be ideal for conformance to ASTM D1894 and other relevant standards, measuring static and kinetic coefficients. The G1072 score bend fixture is used to determine the opening force of flat-folded cartons along their score lines. Mounts to a variety of ESM, TSC, and TSF series test stands.

Mark-10 Product Testing and Gripping Fixtures

To learn more about the full selection of Mark-10 grips and Mark-10 peel fixtures available through CSC Force Measurements, visit our gripping fixtures category in our online catalog or contact one of our team members by calling toll-free 1-800-866-3672. We can answer any questions you might have about Mark-10 products or any other top brands that we carry. We can even help you select the proper grips, or fixtures for your specific needs and requirements.