Plug & Test Technology Options for Force Measurement Testing

plug & test technologyAt CSC Force Measurement, we proudly serve business across nearly every industry in their quest for product, packaging, and shipping testing, to ensure the best possible results. In the world of force measurement testing, force sensors are made to record both tension and compression forces. It is possible for Mark-10’s Series FS05 sensors to attach straight to the crosshead of different test frame models, such as the F105, F305, F505, and F505H horizontal models, giving them a clean and unified look. The simple Plug & Test technology makes it easy to use and set up, and it sends data that has been stored in the sensor. This makes it easy to calibrate either on the test frame or on the go with a Mark-10 display. You can choose a testing range between 0.12 and 500 lbF.

Repeatable Tension Force Measurement

The Mark-10 tension force measurement equipment has a safety overload of 150% of full scale and an accuracy of +/- 0.1 percent of full sale plus the indicator or test frame. These are some of its best features. This tension and compression testing equipment comes with a number of extras, such as an extension rod, cone, chisel, V-groove, flat, hook, and coupler, which can only be used with FS05-50 to FS05-500 sensors. The unit weighs between 1.9 and 3 pounds, which makes it easy to move or use with portable test tools.

Mark-10 makes quality monitors and markers that are used by a wide range of businesses in many fields. One of the most popular types is Plug & Test Technology because it is easy to use, tests quickly, and gives you quick access to data. Use the line FS05 sensors with extras like the adapter AC1083, which lets you quickly connect to Plug & Test frames that accept them, like the F755, F755S, F1505, and F1505S testing equipment line. The adapter made for the FS05 sensor comes with a 10-inch cord that lets you connect to more devices.

Reliable Plug & Test Technology

Operators can take their force measurement testing to the next level with the Mark-10 when it is combined with an advanced digital force gauge, a test stand, and other support tools such as the Series FS05 sensors and displays. All of the setup and calibration data is saved right in the smart connection part of the sensor thanks to the unique Plug & Test technology. Instead of storing in the sign, the smart connection makes it possible to swap them out. When it comes to force and torque signs, all sensors made with the Plug & Test technology work perfectly with the basic 3I series.

Using this cutting edge technology and new way of gathering and saving data along with the Mark-10-only MESUR Lite data collection software gives you even more benefits. The MESUR Lite program comes with most of the Mark-10 products that CSC Force Measurement sells and is used to collect data. It can be used to make tables with either continuous or single point data. With just one click, you can send all of the data stored in the indicator’s memory to Excel, where you can further analyze and change the data.

Mark-10 Digital Force Gauge Equipment

Mark-10 is known for making high-quality force measurement tools and devices that are used in many different businesses around the world. We’re proud to be a stocking dealer for this well-known and reliable name at CSC Force Measurement. It is possible to get accurate testing results over and over again if you work with a well-known company in the field. In addition to Mark-10, our team can also help and give advice for other well-known names such as Chatillon, Dillon, CDI, Lloyd Instruments, and Mecmesin. Our store has a lot of Mark-10 tension force equipment, as well as digital and mechanical force gauges, sensors and indicators, equipment for testing tension and compression, spring testers, software, test stands, and a lot of digital and mechanical force gauges.

You can rent equipment from us, buy used equipment, or have test units sent to you so you can stay within your budget while still meeting the standards and requirements of your business. Call our team at 1-800-866-FORCE to talk about your needs for testing in tension and compression or for gathering data on setup and calibration. Our job is to help you find the best equipment design for your budget and the rules of your business.