Preventive Maintenance Services Reduce Costs & Improve Results

preventive maintenance servicesMost manufacturers and companies today are seeking for innovative methods to save overhead and lower expenses overall. To guarantee the caliber and consistency of the product they are creating for their intended consumer base, some vital services and duties must still be carried out. No matter the price, it is impossible to eliminate quality control, research and development, safety laws, and industry standards. At CSC Force Measurement, we want to assist our clients boost revenues while preserving quality and consistency by giving them cheaper costs and more value. We provide value-added services like ISO17025 certified calibration, torque calibration, preventive maintenance services, and repairs in addition to force measurement items like full torque testing system equipment, gauges, and fixtures.

Onsite Certified Calibration Services

To make sure that their force measuring equipment operates precisely for the best in reliable, repeatable results, our customers may take advantage of our calibration services. For forces in tension and compression up to 100,000 lbF and scales up to 10,000 pounds, we provide calibration and certifications that are ISO17025 recognized. Our professionals can calibrate torque analyzers and torque wrenches up to 2,000 ft/lb using our torque calibration system when it comes to force torque. All of our calibration and repair services are carried out by a group of factory-trained specialists. All the equipment we are permitted to calibrate, including whatever we sell, is subject to our provision of repairs, preventative maintenance, and servicing.

At CSC Force Measurement, we offer on-site calibration modifications and preventive maintenance services at your location or do them internally at our facilities. In order to accurately handle all of your tensile and compression testing in the lab, on the production line, or in the field, we are committed to offering our clients a comprehensive array of force gauges, torque testing system equipment, grips, fixtures, software, and machine management. For more than 50 years, quality control managers have trusted our services. We are honored to have gained their patronage and confidence. We are a leader in the force measurement sector thanks to the demonstrated performance we have offered through the sales of our products and services in the fields of digital and mechanical force gauges, push/pull force gauges, torque products, test stands, spring testers, calibration of all products, dynamometers, grips, testing software, and more.

Preventive Maintenance Services

We offer value-added services together with the equipment you buy from CSC Force Measurement in order to optimize your return on investment. For as long as you possess the equipment, our staff of highly skilled and knowledgeable customer sales representatives and technicians will offer you technical assistance at no extra cost. Additionally, we assist clients in choosing the best product for their particular application by providing knowledgeable guidance both before and after the sale. This covers tools for measuring forces, attachments, and goods for torque testing systems. To make sure the right equipment is bought, we may even give a FREE examination of samples prior to purchase. As usual, at CSC Force Measurement, our priority is to provide each and every client and customer with timely, courteous service.

A certification for ISO17125 authorized calibration for the majority of goods is another value-added service for new equipment sales in addition to guidance, consultancy, and support. Our customers benefit from knowing that their equipment has received the necessary force torque calibration services and is immediately ready for use. In the future, our clients will benefit from our in-house and on-site calibration to maintain the accuracy and dependability of their torque testing systems, testing equipment, and force gauges. As needed, our clients may also get calibration certificates, repairs, training, support, tension and compression gauges, torque gauges, test stands, and software. We make sure that we only supply high-quality items as a stocking distributor for CDI, Chatillon, Dillon, Mecmesin, Lloyd Instruments, and Mark-10 products to give our customers the best that the force measurement industry has to offer. As well as these recognized producers, we also offer items from MSI, Larson Spring Testers, Ohaus, Rice Lake, Tohnichi, and Sturtevant Richmont.

Tools for Quality Control

To discuss all of your load sensing and force measurement needs, including rental equipment, used and demo units, force torque calibration, ISO17025 accredited calibration, preventive maintenance services, repairs, and servicing, call CSC Force Measurement toll-free at 1-800-866-FORCE. You may rely on our services, staff, and products to assist you in achieving your objectives.