Dynamometer Medical & Ergonomics Testing

Medical dynamometers used for muscle strength analysis, muscle strength comparison, functional capacity evaluation, and rehabilitation. To monitor patient progress while in recovery or to maintain and enhance employee safety, per OSHA and other employment standards, dynamometer and ergonomic assessments are crucial. At C.S.C. Force Measurement, Inc., our products offer a wide variety of Ergonomic Testing and Medical Dynamometers / Force Gauges that boast an ergonomically hand-held design for medical dynamometers which allows for manual muscle strength testing. These gauges are designed to serve the needs of rehabilitation therapy, physical therapy, and other therapeutic services. Dynamometers measure the force required to push and lift, thus ensuring you meet the compliance of all standards and regulations. Dynamometer Medical and Ergonomics Testing are small and portable instruments ideal for use in clinics, hospitals, offices, and more.

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