Wire Pull Test Equipment

You can use these wire crimp pull testing machines in combination with a multitude of crimping tools to measure the amount of tensile force needed for testing in accordance with job-specific standards. Wire crimp pull test equipment separates a crimped terminal, connector, or ferrule from a wire. Professionals may use wire crimp and non-crimp pull testers on production lines or within the field. The best part, you can utilize these wire testing tools for life-span testing. Browse our selection and determine which wire crimp pull test equipment is right for your next project. If you have questions regarding which pull testing equipment tool would work best for you, contact our knowledgeable team for assistance.

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Mark-10 Motorized Wire Pull Tester WT3-201M

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Mark-10 Wire Crimp Pull Sensor R06 Series

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Mark-10 Wire Crimp Pull Tester WT3-201

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