LLoyd NexygenPlus 4.1 Software

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LLoyd NexygenPlus 4.1 Materials Testing Software

  • Standard
  • Advanced Security
    • for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries


NexygenPlus 4.1 multi-lingual materials testing software is the hub of the Lloyd Instruments materials testing system. This extraordinarily easy to use and flexible software, allows the operator to control and monitor all aspects of the system from a single front end. It provides fast, reliable, and powerful testing and data analysis for tensile, compression, tear, peel, friction, food, creep, relaxation, and flexural test applications. NexygenPlus 4.1 is designed for use with Windows©10.Getting started with NexygenPlus 4.1 materials testing software could not be simpler, thanks to the extensive built-in library of test methods, all in adherence to AACC, ASTM, DIN, EN, ISO and other international standards. You can also choose to create custom multi-stage tests for more complex or unique test demands. A powerful security and audit trail module provides 100% traceability and the software provides full automation capacity for automatic testing.


Key Features

  • Large, Built-in Library
    • Test methods meeting international standards such as ASTM, DIN, EN and ISO.
  • Video Capture System
    • Allows playback of synchronized video and graph. Ideal for post-test analysis of product and component testing.
  • Data Integrity
    • Optional SQL database driven audit trail logs critical changes and allows Active Directory domain user management.
  • Comprehensive Multi-Stage Test Wizard
  • New Enhanced Graphical User Interface
  • Export Data
    • Microsoft® Office, SPC or LIMS packages. Reports may be printed and/or emailed.
  • Workflow Builder


NexygenPlus 4.1 is configured to allow rapid and accurate data collection with many built-in functions to ensure free testing.

  • Supports direct reading of Mitutoyo digital micrometers and callipers for sample measurement.
  • Customizable user instructions can include digital pictures of fixtures and sample set-up.
  • Clear pass/fail indications given to the operator.
  • Supervisors can program part numbers into the system to avoid data entry errors by operators.
  • Graphs display relevant points selected by the user.


Powerful Analysis and Reporting Tools

Production variation can be costly, creating both scrap material and consequential losses due to poor quality. By monitoring a process statistically, it is possible to detect process variation before the customer receives the product. Statistical process control (SPC) avoids losses by detecting when a process is going out of control. With NexygenPlus 4, the user has added benefits:

  • Continuous monitoring of SPC data and user alerts if the process may be losing control.
  • For users of standard SPC packages, a wide range of export capabilities that are compatible with most commercial packages. These include Excel®, TXT, ASCII and many more.
  • Graphs can be overlaid in multiple colors with a legend shown directly on the graph.
  • Built-in export utilities assist direct connection to LIMS systems.
  • Takes full advantage of the power and flexibility of Microsoft Word for reporting. Reports may be directly printed to pdf and/or emailed.
  • Data can be automatically transferred to specified Microsoft Excel® worksheets without opera-tor intervention.


NexygenPlus 4.1 software is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Danish, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, and Polish


Test Creation

Getting started with NexygenPlus 4.1 is simple, thanks to:

  • An extensive built-in library of test methods covering ASTM, DIN, EN, ISO, and other standards.
  • Test wizards for tension, compression, tearing, peeling, friction, and flexural tests.
  • The User Configurable Test facility, ideal for product and component testing, R&D use and specialized testing

New User Configurable Test

The new User Configurable Test enables users to quickly build advanced multi-stage test routines using simple built-in commands.


Video and Still Picture Capture

Whether for advanced sample failure analysis or presentation of test results, video and stills cap-ture is a feature unique to NexygenPlus 4.1. Video and/or still pictures are synchronized with the stress/strain data and can be replayed or shown at specific points during the test in the graphical display. To utilize these powerful features simply connect your webcam or analog video camera to your PC.


Workflow Builder

NexygenPlus 4.1 facilitates both software and hardware automation. In a quality control environment where time and accuracy is of the essence, it is essential to ensure that routine testing can be carried out with the minimum of input from the operator.

NexygenPlus 4.1 can be configured to automate tasks such as:

  • Automatic reading of sample dimensions.
  • Automatic exporting data to Excel following a batch of tests avoiding the need to copy and paste.
  • Limiting an operator’s access rights.
  • Requiring the operator to perform a set number of tests.
  • For routine testing, the user interface can be configured to show only items that are relevant to the operator.


Download Spec Sheet

Download Manual-standard

Download Manual-Advanced Security Module

LLoyd NexygenPlus 4.1 Software

To get a quote or place an order:

  • Have a question about the LLoyd NexygenPlus 4.1 Software?

    Ask your question below and our skilled customer service representative will get back to you promptly.