data collection and analysis softwareWhile we focus a lot on the equipment needed for force measurement testing, it is also essential to ensure that you have the best data collection and analysis software to process the information correctly. Depending on the test measurement equipment that you choose, a specific brand of data collection software may be provided. In most cases, the software included is a LITE version that offers basic features with an option to upgrade to a full or PRO version to maximize your ability to manipulate and use the collected data. Regardless of the industry that you serve or the type of testing operations that you perform, it is crucial to be able to take the data that you collect and present it effectively in an Excel spreadsheet or Word document for sharing and analysis. Some of the software that we work with the most at CSC Force Measurement includes Chatillon ForceTest software, Mark-10’s MESUR Gauge software, and Lloyd Instruments NEXYGEN Plus software.

Chatillon ForceTest Software

Clients who choose test equipment and devices made under the Chatillon brand will be familiar with ForceTest software. This is the data collection software used by the manufacturer to analyze data and perform common mathematical and statistical calculations. Windows-based and easy-to-use, Chatillon ForceTest software features a complete data analysis package that can be used in conjunction with all Chatillon brand digital force gauges and torque gauges. Using a PC, the operator can set the software to interface directly with the test equipment to perform tests, create data graphs, and even monitor the test directly from a screen as they are running in real-time. This particular data collection and analysis software program is user-friendly and features a colorful interface that makes it quick and easy to collect information regarding testing for tensile, compression, peel, torque, and friction with a simple set-up that is ready in just a few clicks.

Compatible with newer test stands, including the Chatillon DFE II and DFS II Series, it can also be used with the previous generation of DFE I and DFS I Series. Chatillon’s use of ForceTest software comes as a replacement for their past use with the popular NEXYGEN DF Software once provided with their test equipment. Basic force measurement operations can be quickly performed after answer just a few pre-test questions. Pull-to-limit, pull-to-break, compress-to-rupture, and compress-to-limit, as well as the refinement of performance and results for specialized details like maximum force, limit force, peak force, and elapsed time, average force, and other limits can all be displayed in the results graph for the completed test. Results can be imported directly to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation or into Word or PDF formats, depending on the needs of the user.

Mark-10 MESUR Gauge Software

There are two versions of this popular data collection and analysis software from Mark-10, including the FREE MESUR Gauge software, which comes with certain devices, and the MESUR Gauge Plus, which is available to purchase as an upgrade for advanced results. Maximize and expand the functionality of your force and torque measuring instruments and test stands with this easy-to-use data collection software program. The Plus version offers additional options to control the motion of Mark-10 motorized test stands so the operator can coordinate motion control and data acquisition to streamline the process for professional use. Quick export to Microsoft Excel and Word for customizable reports, graphs, and charts helps to organize data as it is collected. Visit our website to see the full list of instruments that support the use of this data collection and analysis software from Mark-10.

NEXYGEN Plus Data Collection Software

Customers who use Lloyd Instruments for their force measurement testing needs will likely be familiar with NEXYGEN software, which is used for data collection and analysis with all of their compatible products. An extensive library of pre-set test methods designed to meet standards such as EN, ISO, ASTM, and DIN, as well as user-configurable test set-ups, makes it easy to take control over collected data and manipulate it according to your needs. Perfect for product and component testing and research and development or other specialized testing situations, there are many benefits associated with this particular brand of software. Multi-stage testing, multi-lingual control options, automated workflows, video and still image capture, and various test wizards are used to increase operator abilities for compression, tearing, peeling, tension, friction, and flexural testing needs.

Data Analysis and Collection Software

To learn more about all of the data collection software options available at CSC Force Measurement for our Lloyd Instruments, Mark-10, and Chatillon products, contact our team by calling 1-800-866-FORCE. We can answer any questions you might have about Chatillon ForceTest software, MESUR Gauge software, and NEXYGEN software and the products that they are designed to be used with for professional force test measurement. Contact our team today for FREE consulting services to help you choose the best test system and equipment based on your needs.