Shimpo Digital Force Gauge Instruments for Industry Testing

Shimpo digital force gaugeWhen it comes to industry testing, it is essential to have reliable and repeatable instruments that can provide you with the level of accuracy that you require to maintain quality and safety standards. Compression and tension testing, as well as a variety of different modes of operation, can be achieved through the use of Shimpo digital force gauges. At CSC Force Measurement, we carry digital force gauges from several reputable manufacturers, including the Shimpo line. Robust housings, high-tech instruments, adjustable programming, and easy use are just some of the benefits associated with choosing a Shimpo digital force gauge for your needs. Fast product sampling with excellent resolution and accurate results can be achieved with the Shimpo FG-7000 Series digital force gauges.

Options for Operation

The FG-7000 Series offers menu programming options to allow for easy selection and set-up of the instrument according to your specific requirements. Choose from three different modes of operation, including track mode for your live readings, peak mode for displaying peak readings that remain until a higher peak is sensed, and auto peak, which resets after a programmed time period. Programmable limits can also be set to allow for a quick visual and audible indicator if the test passes or fails on the LCD screen. Easy to use, the operator can also set the comparator output for integration of the Shimpo digital force gauge into your quality control management system for repetitive testing on the production line or in a laboratory setting.

Compression and tension testing are made easy with these high-tech digital force gauges and instruments from Shimpo. The can easily data log a reading at the push of a button for simple data acquisition or be set to continuous data storage for online information collection. The operator can view the data on the LCD screen or have it sent directly to an optional printer. Another option allows for the data to be loaded for analysis and graphing on the free software program that comes standard with the FG-7000 Series digital force gauges. These instruments feature a one-thousand-point memory and offer definable groups that allow for multiple tests to be recorded and easily separated upon loading. When you work with CSC Force Measurement, we can go through all of the features for the Shimpo digital force gauge and other equipment options to ensure you get the best instrument for your needs.

Features of the Shimpo Digital Force Gauge

When discussing the FG-7000 Series model of these digital force gauges by Shimpo, it is helpful to know that they were designed with robust housings designed to ergonomically fit in the operator’s hand for portable testing. The unit features a large-sized backlit, 180-degree auto-reverse display, uses compression and tension testing icons, has a dual-labeled keypad, allows for instant switching from push to pull testing, and can be used for both portable and test stand applications. Choose from a variety of models based on your unique needs and requirements ranging from 1-220 pounds for a variety of applications, including finished goods testing, research and development, incoming quality inspection, and many other digital force measurement requirements.

This particular series offers a 1000 Hz sample rate and a +/- 0.2 percent F.S. accuracy for fast sampling, excellent resolution, and more accurate results than previous models. The 1000 point data collection capacity can be utilized in different ways, including viewed on the LCD screen, sent directly to a printer, or uploaded via USB or RS-232 serial point to the included software package for further analysis. Operators will appreciate the ergonomic die-cast aluminum construction, which allows it to be easily used in a wide range of demanding applications and environments. Multi-language and engineering units add to the flexible user comfort features, and a field calibration capability can ensure accurate and repeatable results without having to send the unit off to a lab.

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