Single Column Force Tester from Mecmesin Testing Equipment

single column force tester from MecmesinMany different types of manufacturing will require the use of a force measurement test stand from time to time. It is essential to choose a professional material tester that meets all of your industry standards and requirements. Mecmesin testing equipment has earned a solid reputation in the force measurement testing industry and their new OmniTest Single Column Force Tester is no exception. Available in two capacities via two models, including 5kN and 7.5 kN, these stands are designed to suit your materials testing requirements while providing versatile, easy-to-use appeal to the operators within your team. Accurate and repeatable testing is yours for the taking when you use the OmniTest test stand from Mecmesin.

How It Works

Designed to provide quality results for the operator, regardless of their skill level or experience. Versatile, easy-to-use, and extremely consistent and reliable, this single column force tester from Mecmesin testing equipment offers a lot of flexibility and opportunities for bench-top use. The OmniTest series has five options to choose from, including two single column force tester stands, as featured in this overview, and three dual-column testers, available in 10 kN, 25 kN, and 50 kN models. OmniTest is designed to deliver reliable and repeatable results by controlling the key test parameters for stress/strain, force/displacement, and speed/load rates.

Some of the testing options available with this force measurement test stand include:

  • Offset Yield
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength
  • Young’s Modulus
  • Nominal Strain
  • Other Materials Characteristics

Designed to apply tensile and compressive forces, this professional material tester can range from a 2 N right up to a full capacity of 7.5 kN. High quality construction and manufacturing under ISO 9001 quality standards, you can rest easy knowing that Mecmesin testing equipment is designed to ensure the ultimate in repeatable materials testing. Easily control this single column force tester with your own PC or VectorPro MT Software to take advantage of its versatility for a wide range of materials testing. Test reports can be issued as PDFs or tailored to your exact requirements, as well as be exported into Excel or your PC for further analysis. A clear audit trail is available with electronic-signature functionality, which is a must for medical and pharmaceutical clients seeking FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Quality Design: Single Column Force Tester

This force measurement test stand from Mecmesin features a precision ballscrew with linear slide mechanism that is used to drive a solid crosshead with an ELS loadcell. Careful consideration was given to ensure excellent rigidity and strength with intuitive controls to make the tester easy to use – even for novice operators. The construction allows for the crosshead travel necessary to conduct elongation tests up to 650 mm, while delivering the strength capability for mid-load break testing on more rigid materials. Protective bellows prevent dust and splintered materials from being trapped inside the machine, while the upper and lower safety limit switches minimize risk for accidental damaged caused by the collision of grips during testing.

Operator safety is also addressed in the design of this Mecmesin testing equipment, including a range of protective shields and enclosures, which can be added for situations where the specimen may shatter or result in projectiles upon failure. Multiple loadcells may be used to precisely measure forces across a wide range through the use of the dovetailed crosshead design, which minimizes operator setup and configurations. You can quickly and easily slide on a new loadcell and have it recognized automatically by the intuitive software program. A wide range of grips and fixtures can be used with the OmniTest Single Column Force Tester due to pre-drilled and threaded holes designed for quick connections.

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