Slip Resistance Testing: Portable Horizontal Pull Slipmeter

horizontal pull slipmeterProduct testing is done for a number of reasons. It can be performed during the development and pre-production phases to ensure a quality and dependable product. It can be performed on the production floor to check for consistency and quality results. Product testing can even be done post-production in the environment where the material or product will be used to ensure safety, durability, and dependability for the end-user. Slip resistance is one of those types of tests that is frequently done at many different phases to ensure the safety of those who use the product. Flooring surfaces, footwear, sole or heel materials for footwear, stair treads, waxes and cleaning products, walkway coatings, work platforms – these are just some of the examples where slip resistance measurement is essential. CSC Force Measurement features a portable horizontal pull slipmeter that can be used for this purpose. The Slip Master HPS II system friction testing instrument is designed to provide results according to American National Standards and features built-in standardization.

Benefits of Slip Resistance Measurement

There are many reasons to use a horizontal pull slipmeter in production or for product safety testing. This accurate and dependable friction testing instrument can be used to establish credibility in legal actions and works in reference to ASTM Standard Test Method F609-96 to meet American National Standards. The consistency of data for slip resistance measurement with this equipment is not dependent on the user’s hand-eye coordination, and calibration can be verified during field use. Testing can be performed in lab, on the production line, or in the field on the actual surfaces in the environment in which they will be used. No power cord or electrical outlet is required, making this a truly portable friction testing instrument.

The Slip Master HPS II System is simple to operate – no electronic skills are required. It features built-in standardization and has a self-contained power source. The operator can take advantage of the included peak hold memory, and all accessories can be contained in a molded carrying case for ease of use. When using the calibration hook accessory, the load dial or sled slipmeter assembly is hung vertically while the display pointer is compared to calibration markings on the dial. Calibration can be achieved by sending the load dial to the factory for inspection and repair. This system is perfect for the measurement of slip resistant characteristics found in footwear materials relative to flooring surface materials, coating, waxes, or contaminants. It is primarily used for the measurement of static slip resistance or the force required to cause one body in contact with another to begin to move.

Horizontal Pull Slipmeter Operation

The Slip Master HPS II is very easy to use and can be versatile to provide a wide range of options for the testing operator. The load dial or sled slipmeter assembly is simply placed on the surface under evaluation, and the power pack assembly is placed opposite the hook with the pulley aligned and level. Testing is performed by unwinding the pulley’s tension cord and connecting it to the load dial hook. The operator sets it at zero on the dial, and the drive motor is used to reel the cord, pulling the load dial against sled friction. When the static friction has been exceeded, the sled will begin moving toward the power pack and continue until the motor is released.

Peak hold function can be used to display the static friction value on the dial, which the operator can record. The slip resistance measurement test equipment can be reset for further testing. Peak hold function can also be disabled, allowing the force value required to move the sled across the surface to be observed by watching the movement of the main pointer. Results can be averaged, and readings can be recorded by the operator. Understanding how the horizontal pull slipmeter works can help to ensure the best readings that will meet American National Standards. For example, the value displayed on the load dial or sled slipmeter is known as the slip index for the material under test. This is the static coefficient of friction for the material.

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