Table Top Torque Testers: Vortex-dV Motorized Torque Instrument

table top torque testersSearching for a versatile and affordable motorized torque tester? Look no further than this Mecmesin torque tester, the Vortex-dV, which is designed to significantly enhance the repeatability of test results for increased accuracy and dependability. These table top torque testers are motorized and can improve greatly on the variability encountered with manual torque testers where the torque is applied by hand at varying speeds. These torque instruments from Mecmesin are available in a range of capacities, including 0-13 lbF, 0-26 lbF, 0-52 lbF, and 0-90 lbF for sensors and 90 lbF for the overall capacity of the test stand. The operator can perform routine batch testing with the added benefit of reducing any risks associated with repetitive strain injuries in the workplace, which are frequently associated with manual testers.

Robust and Reliable Torque Instruments

There are many features provided with the Mecmesin torque tester that are valuable to the operator. For example, the Advanced Force & Torque Indicator (AFTI) digital display, along with a range of test-specific gripping fixtures, allow for expanded use of these table top torque testers to increase cost-efficiency for testing. A robust motorized torque tester, the stand is rated to 90 lbF to allow for multi-testing use within the workplace. These stand-along torque instruments are well-suited for measuring the maximum torque of components for enhanced quality control, either in the lab or on the production line for consistent results.

Durable Motorized Torque Tester Frame

When you are looking for torque instruments that can stand up to regular, repetitive use and expect accurate, repeatable results, the Vortex-dV from Mecmesin definitely fits that bill. Featuring a sturdy, twin-column, motorized torque tester, this stand is designed to allow the operator to apply torque capacity up to 90 lbF while delivering a superior performance. The control panel is straight-forward and easy-to-use, allowing the operator full control to precisely select a variety of test parameters, including speed and target torque or angle. It has the capability of testing specimens up to 440 mm high and 280 mm wide in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Specimens that require a downward force before application of torque, such as child-resistant safety closures, can be tested using the convenient top-load tray. Coming in at just under 20 kg in total weight, the compact design and small footprint of the durable Mecmesin torque tester stand is perfect for benchtop testing, as well as quality control in the lab or on the production line.

Static Torque Testers and Torque Display

Choose from a wide range of capacities for these table top torque testers from Mecmesin, which provide accuracy at an outstanding +/- 0.5 percent of the sensor capacity. Connected to a single torque display unit, the digital display is lined to the test frame via an interface cable. This “smart” technology helps the motorized torque tester to automatically recognize the calibration data according to the chosen sensor. Continuous measurement of torque allows the operator to capture the max peak reading in both clockwise and counterclockwise measurements with the same degree of accuracy. Torque values can either be presented via the main control panel of the test frame itself or can be transmitted directly to a PC or printer for recording the results.

A Variety of Gripping Fixtures for Table Top Torque Testers

The operator can also choose to hold the test specimen in place via a wide range of options for gripping fixtures, all of which are available through CSC Force Measurement. This Mecmesin torque tester works with any of the designed torque grips from the manufacturer, which were created to hold a variety of components. Choose from chucks and mandrels for use with plastic and metal closures, as well as fixing tables for bottles containers, and much more. Contact one of our team members to discuss your needs for this motorized torque tester, gripping fixtures, and other accessories. Use with optional VectorPro Lite software, which can be included with your order, to allow for programming basic test routines and store data on your PC for re-use. Call CSC Force Measurement by calling 1-800-866-FORCE and speak with one of our helpful customer service or sales agents. We can answer any questions you might have about these Mecmesin table top torque testers or help your find the best solution based on your needs.