CSC Force Provides Custom Solution for Tear Strength Testing

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Tear Strength Testing Mark-10 Test StandA popular manufacturer of travel luggage came to CSC Force with a need for puncture resistance and tear strength testing. The textiles used in the construction of the luggage required testing according to ASTM D2261 and ASTM D5587 standards. Our team worked closely with the client from the very beginning to ensure that their unique needs were addressed. Our consultation ensured that all reporting, test procedures, and custom tooling required by the client would be provided for in the solution. CSC Force considers these services to be “standard” for our customers and they are offered at no additional charge.

ASTM D2261 Standards

The client needed to ensure that the method used for material testers to conduct tear strength testing adhered to the standards set by ASTM D2261. The method described in the scope of the standard covers the measurement of the tearing strength of textile fabrics by the tongue or single rip procedure, which utilizes a recording constant-rate-of-extension-type (CRE) tensile testing machine. The use of this type of test method can be applied to most fabrics, including woven fabrics, airbag fabrics, knit fabrics, pile fabrics, layered fabrics, napped fabrics, blankets, and non-woven fabrics.

ASTM D5587 Standards

Another standard that the client was required to adhere to includes ASTM D5587, which is the standard test method for tearing strength of fabrics by trapezoid procedure. The tearing strength, as measured in this particular testing method, requires that the tear is initiated before testing occurs. So it is important to note that the reported value obtained for these material testers is not directly related to the amount of force that is required to start a tear. Two calculations are provided for trapezoid tearing strength, which include the single-leak force and the average of the five highest peak forces.

Tear Strength Test Custom Solution

Our team of engineers and technicians worked with the client to create a custom solution. CSC Force selected the gripping fixtures for the tear strength testing, which were vice action grips rated up to 10kN pull force. Our team designed and manufactured custom tooling for the penetration test. The tooling that was used consisted of a rounded probe and a clamp fixture to hold the textile for penetration. With regard to the motorized test stand used for the material testers, we selected Mark-10 test equipment. The Mark-10 ESM1500 Motorized Test Stand was chosen, along with the Mark-10 Series 5i with Series R01 loadcells, based on the client’s specifications.

When it came to fabric testing for luggage, the Mark-10 ESM1500 single-column force tester was a great solution for the required measurement applications. The client also required an economical test system that was rated to a high amount of force. The Mark-10 test equipment and motorized test stand fit that bill. Also, the client utilized the Mark-10 MESUR®gauge Plus software. The reason for this choice was that the software provided an easy-to-use platform for performing the testing and to provide the required reporting capabilities.

Mark-10 MESUR®gauge Plus Software

Clients who require advanced capabilities for motion control, coordinating motion control and data acquisition can benefit from all of the features available in the MESUR®gauge Plus software. It helps to expand the functionality of force and torque measuring instruments and other Mark-10 test equipment and motorized test stands. The program can capture and display data in a graphical format to provide real-time load vs. time or load vs. travel vs. time.

A set of tools is included in the Mark-10 MESUR®gauge Plus software. It is designed to analyze test results, including statistical calculations, as well as quickly export data to Microsoft Excel, create custom reports, provide pass/fail indicators, and much more. Custom test setups are available, and all information can be saved and recalled. Additional features of the Mark-10 test equipment and MESUR®gauge Plus software include a large display screen and a utility that helps to configure certain Mark-10 gauges from a PC.

Material Testers & Solutions

If you are in the market for Mark-10 test equipment or if your company requires custom test solutions, contact CSC Force by calling 1-800-866-FORCE. Our team can answer any questions that you might have about our options for motorized test stands, material testers, and tear strength testing equipment. CSC Force works only with the top brands in the business, including Mark-10 test equipment, CDI Torque, Chatillon, Dillon, Lloyd Instruments, and Tohnichi. Call today or use our online order form to find the best solutions for your needs.