The Accurate, Dependable Mechanical Force Gauge from Dillon

mechanical force gaugeOne of the most essential qualities of any type of compression measurement instrument is that it’s got to be accurate, dependable, and repeatable. When it comes to force measurement equipment, Dillon is one of the top names in the business. The Model U Force Gauge is a mechanical force gauge designed to provide a +/- 1 percent of full range compression measurement. Our customers appreciate the slim-line design of this particular model, which has proven to be very valuable in the lab, on the production floor, and in the field – wherever accurate test fixture measurement is required. The small footprint of this Dillon force gauge makes it perfect for environments where space is at a premium.

Test Fixture Measurement Tools

Cost is always a consideration when it comes to choosing a compression measurement instrument, so the more versatile a mechanical force gauge can be, the better. The Model U Force Gauge from Dillon can be used as a handheld device or it can be permanently mounted or installed on a flat surface plate. It can even be used in test fixtures for comprehensive functional testing to achieve industry standard requirements, safety testing parameters, and other necessary testing demands. The operator can use this device in a variety of capacities ranging from 25 x .25 to 5,000 x 50 lb, depending on the demands of the measurements required. Choose from pounds or kilograms, as well, to suit your needs.

Speak with one of our customer service agents or sales team engineers at CSC Force Measurement to learn about more mechanical force gauge options through Dillon for high-capacity gauges. We can offer pounds capacities ranging from 500 to 5,000 pounds and metric models with a capacity of up to 500 kilograms. All of our high-capacity gauges from Dillon feature a flat-bottom design for accurate calibration and dependable, repeatable measurements. Dillon takes pride in being able to offer a compression measurement instrument with a capacity for every job. Choose from Zero Position, which can be factory set at twelve, three, six, or nine o’clock – the standard default position is six o’clock.

Factory Set and Calibration Set Options

In addition to the Zero Position selections available for operators, the Dillon U Mechanical Force Gauge also features a Maximum Pointer, which can provide a maximum setting to remain at peak load until it is reset. The shockless dial indicator offers the operator extra protection in applications where force is applied or released rapidly for additional safety and dependable results. Dial orientation may also be factory set to ensure the best possible results. Choose from degree settings at either 0-degrees, which is standard, to 90-degrees, 180-degrees, or 270-degrees clockwise. The photos that you will see in the operator manual and supporting documents for Dillon show the gauge at the standard dial orientation.

The load is applied to the Dillon Model U Force Gauge through hardened pressure fittings. The flat bottom design offers many benefits and features a single fitting. The recessed bottom design features two fittings, which can be purchased according to your unique needs and industry requirements. For example, the 25-250 pound capacity gauges can be purchased in a flat surface, cupped surface, domed surface, or a nylon insert to accommodate specific testing demands. The 500 and 1000 pound, as well as the 500 kilogram capacity gauges, can be used with a domed surface, cupped surface, or flat surface pressure fitting. High-capacity 5,000 gauges can be used with a domed surface, cupped surface, or flat surface pressure fitting, all of which can be purchased through CSC Force Measurement.

How It Works: Dillon Mechanical Force Gauge

The technology behind the accurate and repeatable results provided by this compression measurement instrument from Dillon employs a deflection beam that has been machined from aircraft quality alloy steel. It has been heat treated to develop the optimal strength and spring characteristics to ensure the best results. A precision dial indicator is mounted at the null point of this beam. Compression force is typically applied against a single pressure fitting, which can be mounted on the upper half of the beam. Make sure to designate the type of pressure fitting you wish to use with your U Force Gauge for test fixture measurement, mounted testing, or handheld measuring. This will ensure accurate calibration based on your specific needs. When the load is exerted, the beam on the Dillon force gauge moves downward to cause a slanted anvil on the free end to push against the indicator plunger. The indicator reading is provided as a direct representation of the applied load.

To learn more about this mechanical force gauge and other force test measurement equipment available through CSC Force Measurement, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-866-FORCE or use the web-based contact information to reach out to one of our team members.