adjustable torque screwdriverTorque screwdrivers are used by professionals in many different ways. The perfect choice for mechanical production and manufacturing, when a specified torque is required for assembling parts and components, Tohnichi screwdrivers are some of the best around when it comes to bi-directional tightening and other essential adjustments. The torque setting calibration can also be used in maintenance and repairs to ensure the ongoing performance and safety of the machinery or equipment. CSC Force Measurements carries a wide range of adjustable torque screwdriver products from Tohnichi, including AMLD/BMLD non-rotary slip types, AMRD/BMRD rotary slip mechanism options, LTD non-rotary limiting products, and RTD rotary limiting products.

AMLD/BMLD Non-Rotary Slip Tohnichi Screwdrivers

This particular model is used for precision tightening of small screws and features an easy-to-set torque that is accomplished by twisting the body to set the torque value. The non-rotary slip variety of the AMLD/BMLD Tohnichi screwdrivers relies on the user to sense the limit has been achieved and stop turning. Non-rotary slip types do not have a feature that prevents over-torquing the screws. There are features included with this model that are designed to enhance the reliability and durability of the toggle clutch torque mechanism, including the index finger holding feature, which allows the operator to use precise movements for tightening. The AMLD includes a set of Tohnichi bits, while the BMLD accepts standard 1/4-inch hex root shaped bits. All Tohnichi adjustable torque screwdriver products include a certificate for torque setting calibration that is compliant with ISO 6789 Type II Class D procedures.

AMRD/BMRD Rotary Slip Tohnichi Screwdrivers

For those who want a built-in mechanism to prevent over-torque during assembly, maintenance, and repair, consider the AMRD/BMRD adjustable torque screwdriver from Tohnichi. Similar to the AMLD/BMLD model, torque is easily set by twisting the body to select the desired value, and the screwdriver is designed for precision tightening of small screws. However, this model also includes a rotary slip mechanism that provides users with a small “click” noise that sounds when proper torque is achieved to let them know to stop turning. If the operator does not stop, the mechanism will continue to ratchet the driver, but it won’t apply any more torque. Other features remain similar to the AMLD/BMLD version, including the toggle clutch torque mechanism for enhanced durability and reliability, the index finger holding feature, and included bit sets for AMRD models and use of standard 1/4-inch hex root shaped bits for the BMRD version. A certificate of torque setting calibration is also included with this product.

LTD Adjustable Limiting Type Torque Screwdriver

This model offers adjustable type features through the use of an external scale that can be set by twisting the body to line up with the desired torque value. It is secured in place with a black hexagon-shaped lock ring, which also works to prevent the driver from rolling when set down on flat surfaces between uses. With this product, when the operator achieves the set torque value, they will sense the limit, and the tool will spring back slightly to alert the user that they need to stop turning. However, with these LTD Tohnichi screwdrivers, if the user continues to turn past the torque warning, the tool will continue to apply additional torque. This is a non-rotary type device. Similar to other adjustable torque screwdriver models from Tohnichi, it features a toggle clutch torque detection mechanism and accepts standard 1/4-inch hex root bits, which are sold separately. CSC can supply an ISO 17025 calibration certificate with purchase.

RTD Adjustable Torque Screwdriver

While this product offers all of the beneficial features of the LTD version, including the easy-to-set torque value and black hexagon-shaped lock ring, there are other advantages to this model. The RTD is a rotary slip mechanism adjustable torque screwdriver, which means that the user will sense that they have achieved the proper torque, a “click” will be heard to advise them that they can stop turning. Still, if the user continues, the mechanism will ratchet the driver without applying any additional torque. Certificate of calibration is available from the ISO factory, NIST certificates are available upon request for an additional fee, and CSC Force Measurement can supply an ISO 17025 calibration certificate with purchase.

Why Choose Tohnichi Screwdrivers

The Tohnichi brand of adjustable torque screwdriver has a solid reputation for designing and manufacturing quality tools. Choose from a variety of capacities, depending on your needs, to choose the best Tohnichi screwdrivers for the job. View our full line of quality adjustable screwdrivers at CSC Force Measurement, choosing bi-directional tightening and torque setting calibration options to best suit your requirements. If you are interested in learning more about our adjustable torque screwdrivers, wrenches, and other tools, or if you would like to place an order, you can reach our customer service agents by calling 1-800-866-3672.