torque testing toolsManufacturers, mechanics, and regulatory agencies all utilize digital torque tester technology to test the reliability, repeatability, and precision of torque wrenches and equipment. CDI Torque testing tools are some of the best in the business, utilizing the testing standards and protocol developed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for accuracy. The Digital Torque Tester (DTT) was designed to offer affordable solutions for torque testing and can be either mounted on a wall or attached to a table for convenient operation. An included touchpad screen is used to capture peak torque values during a test conducted in real-time, and stored torque data can be downloaded to a PC for further review.

Why Torque Measurement is Important

The definition of “torque” is the angular force that is necessary to rotate something. One example of torque in action includes the power required to create tension within threaded fasteners to clamp two plates together. Torque is used by mechanics to effectively fasten bolts and parts to engines and other components, as well as in manufacturing. Safety and accuracy are incredibly crucial in any application that relies on torque, which is why CDI Torque testing tools are used so widely across many different industries. Whether you use a dial torque wrench, micro-adjustable torque screwdriver, or one of the pre-set TORKY wrenches in your shop or facility, a digital torque tester, and torque calibration system is essential.

If the tools are not properly calibrated and tested, you might over torque or under torque when tightening a nut, bolt head, or screw. Over torqueing can cause the parts to become stretched and weakening the material, resulting in a bad connection or failure. When you consider what that might mean for lug nuts on a high-performance vehicle, it is easy to understand why proper torque is so important. The same holds true for under torqueing, which can result in a nut that vibrates or becomes loose during operation. Applying that to the high-performance vehicle scenario, and this could also pose a severe danger to the operator and the expensive equipment.

Optional Accessories & Tools

In addition to this powerful digital torque tester from CDI Torque testing tools, there are additional accessories that can be used. The table mounting bracket designed specifically for the DTT series testers, as well as adapters in various sizes, make it easy to utilize in any workshop or manufacturing facility. Other related products include the CDI Torque dial torque wrench single scale, electronic dial torque wrench, and other interchangeable head torque wrenches and tools. CSC Force Measurement carries a wide range of CDI Torque products because our customers demand the very best.

We also offer the CDI Torque Calibration System in a variety of styles and price points:

The TORKY Pre-Set Torque Wrench

CDI Torque testing tools offer a wide range of options and applications for the end user. CSC Force Measurement is proud to carry these excellent products for our customers. The CDI TORKY pre-set torque wrench is a right angle wrench that is designed for production torque applications that require higher values than a standard torque screwdriver can offer. Designed with a comfortable ergonomic handle, this tool is easy to use even under repetitive conditions. The pre-set torque value can be ordered direct from the factory at the time of purchase for an additional charge, or the operator can easily set it with a quality torque calibration system.

The operation is simple. Once the pre-set torque value has been reached, the operator will feel a momentary “break” or “release” that signals completion. Customers can choose from three different drive styles designed to suit most needs, including the 1/4 inch female hex, 1/4 inch male square, and 3/8 inch male square, all with torque ranges of 20 to 170 in/lb. If desired, CSC Force Measurement can provide an ISO 17025 calibration certificate. Like other CDI Torque testing tools, the TORKY pre-set torque wrench, dial torque wrench, and other torque tools are ruggedly built to provide many years of reliable service. Visit our website to read more about the CDI TORKY pre-set torque wrench and other similar tools.

Why Choose CSC Force Measurement?

Our entire team is dedicated to providing our customers with a full line of force measurement testing machines, force gauges, fixtures, and software for data collection and machine control for torque, tensile, compression, and other types of essential testing. Whether in the lab, on the production line, or in the field, you can count on our products for proven performance, reliability, and repeatability. We offer expert advice before and after the sale, providing the ability to have samples evaluated at no charge to ensure that the equipment purchased meets your demands. Our team can help you find the best product for your unique application and industry requirements. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-866-FORCE to discuss all of your load sensing, force measurement, and torque calibration system needs.