The Best Gripping Fixtures and Attachments for Applications

gripping fixtures and attachments for specific test applicationsMark-10 force gauges, torque gauges, sensors, and test stands all require gripping fixtures and attachments to produce accurate data for pull testing applications and other sorts of testing. There are several possibilities available, depending on the objective of the product being evaluated. Grips and accessories are mounted to the testing system. Some gauges and sensors that are eye end adapter compatible provide for convenient rapid changing choices. Furthermore, in addition to particular Mark-10 products developed for use with Mark-10 force gauge and test stand equipment, several adapters may be used to make the testing system operate with third-party equipment.

Fixtures for Pull Testing Applications

The first step in determining which gripping fixtures and attachments will meet your testing requirements is to establish what will be tested. Each testing application offers a unique chance to verify the strength or value of various materials, as well as the forms and sizes of the samples that the customer must test. As a result, CSC Force Measurement collaborates with industry-leading companies to provide our clients a diverse selection of gripping fixtures for various test kinds and needs. So, whether you need a peel fixture, a wire terminal grip, or choices for pull testing applications, our staff will help you locate the ideal solution to match your needs.

The proper selection of force gauge and test stand equipment, as well as gripping fixtures and attachments, will make or break any testing project. To achieve the best results, your testing equipment should be tailored to each sample. Our factory-trained experts and consultants can assist you in selecting the appropriate grips and fittings for your specific application. We also provide a custom design service that is extremely reasonably priced. Our objective is to meet or exceed your expectations at every stage of the process so that you may get the most out of your Mark-10 force gauge and test stand investment.

Fixtures for Tensile and Peel Testing

CSC Force Measurement’s most common grasping fixtures are tensile or peel testing application fixtures. We supply wedge grips with self-tightening jaws, miniature wedge grips for thin or narrow materials, miniature component grips for small pull tests, and multi-jaw grips for pulling round or odd-shaped components. Two examples of tensile or pull testing application fixtures are the Mark-10 G1061 Wedge Grip, which is a heavy-duty, self-tightening grips with a capacity range of 200 lbF to 2,000 lbF (1 kN to 10 kN) and the Mark-10 G1056 Multi-Jaw Grip, which is a universal grip.

The Wedge Grip is ideal for tensile testing of a wide range of materials; features serrated steel jaws that ride on rollers rather than sliding along the housing; unique design prevents jamming and improves gripping characteristics. The universal grip developed for holding irregularly shaped products and round-shaped samples. Common uses of this fixture include pull-off tests for fasteners and components in the textile industry, toy makers, and other sectors with comparable demands.

Other Types of Gripping Fixtures and Attachments

Many of our clients want gripping fixtures that can be utilized with a Mark-10 force gauge and test stand to effectively evaluate packing, friction, and peel fixture alternatives. Some of the kinds utilized include film and paper grips, pneumatic film and paper grips, 90-degree peel fixtures, coefficient of friction (COF) fixtures, score bending fixtures, opening force fixtures, and loop tack fixtures.

Two examples of packing, friction, and peel fixture uses are the Mark-10 G1008 and G1015 1/2/3 Film & Paper Grips and the Mark-10 G1045 90-Degree Peel Fixture. The aforementioned grips are designed for gripping film, paper, labels, packaging, and other thin materials; used for tensile and peel testing; adjustable serrated interlocking jaws for effective grip of samples; provides up to 100 lbF; grips are available in four sizes, ranging from 1-inch to 7-inch. The 90-degree peel fixture is developed for use in the food and beverage or packaging sectors; frequent testing with these gripping fixtures includes adhesives, films, packaging, seals on yogurt containers, and juice containers.

Consult with CSC Force Measurement

If you want to add specialist gripping fixtures and attachments to your Mark-10 force gauge and test stand for pull testing and other testing possibilities, please call our team directly at 1-800-866-3672. We can assist you in selecting the most appropriate solutions for your specific requirements. Choose from a wide range of high-quality Mark-10 items, including vise and parallel jaw fixtures; rope, yarn, tubing, and wire terminal grasp fixtures; compression, push, and bend fixtures; torque and force fixtures; and basic accessories and adapters. Visit our website to view our complete range of gripping fixtures and adapters for all of your testing requirements.