control forces and prevent overloadsAt CSC Force Measurement, we help our customers find the products, tools, and equipment they need to safely perform the required tasks. One of the most versatile and beneficial tools that we sell in the force control switches category is the Dillon DynaSwitch system. It acts like a 24/7/365 sentinel with seven different load capacities and can operate effectively and reliably in both normal and extreme environments. It is a low-cost way to control forces and prevent overloads. Used in many different conditions and paired with several other types of equipment, this compression and tension force beam can be used on cranes, hoists, and elevators. Not only is it designed to shut down the power when an overload condition occurs, but it will also operate lights, buzzers, or klaxons to warn operators of an impending overload.

Choose the Best Option

Our customers can choose from seven different options when it comes to load capacities for the Dillon DynaSwitch. The lowest is a 100 lb (50 kg) capacity, which increases to a 1,000 lb, 2,000 lb, 5,000 lb, 10,000 lb, 25,000 lb and finally the 50,000 lb (25,000 kg) model. Designed to adapt and fit your application, there are many options when it comes to both upper and lower hardware choices. Choose from compression and tension force beam models, depending on your needs. The safety of the Dillon DynaSwitch meets stringent industry standards for overhead lifting environments in both normal and extreme conditions.

All DynaSwitch force beams and attachment fittings are rated with an ultimate safety factor of 5:1 and 4:5:1 for metric capabilities. Every model that Dillon makes has an overload stop or bolt, which is designed to provide extra protection to the measuring ability of the DynaSwitch compression or tension force beam. For those who require a custom load specification, Dillon will set the switches to trigger at the loads that you desire if they are specified at the time the order is placed. There are many different configurations for the Dillon DynaSwitch. CSC Force Measurement recommends that you contact our team direct to find the best option for this particular item so we can help you select the proper options for your exact application needs.

DynaSwitch Hardware Options

Once you have decided which configurations you require for these force control switches, it is crucial to select the best hardware options. The Dillon DynaSwitch is designed to control forces and prevent overloads. However, there are additional hardware options that can be used to further customize the abilities of this very adaptable and reliable tool. Rod end connectors are available for tension rigging, which are self-aligning and mounted at right angles to provide universal alignment under load. Other hardware includes a hardened ball and cup for compression use, which is made from heat-treated alloy steel; and a lifting eye for tension use, which is made from hardened steel.

Additional hardware includes a non-swiveling hook, which is threaded to fit the 2,000 and 10,000 load switches only; a threaded stud for applications where a conventional shackle or attachment eye would not be practical; and an adapter, shackle and pin set made from hardened, forged steel for tension rigging. Choose from a variety of capacities, minimum set points, repeatability specifications, and rope diameter when you place your order. Because there are so many options and configurations for the Dillon DynaSwitch, CSC Force Measurement recommends that you contact our team for support when you are ready to order one of these force control switches.

Control Forces and Prevent Overloads

One of the ways that our customers use this tool is in force control switches applications. In this instance, the Dillon DynaSwitch system is used to protect cranes, hoists, and other types of lifting machinery against weight or force overload, as well as slack load. One example of this product in use to control forces and prevent overloads is at the dead-end of a line. It can also be used to support an equalizer sheave or to suspend an entire hoist from the DynaSwitch itself. Make sure to specify the model number, switch option and quantity, any specialty fittings that are desired for the top or bottom of the tension force beam, and any switch set points for factory settings if desired.

At CSC Force Measurement, we offer value-added services to our customers. ISO 17025 accredited calibration is included with most equipment, and technical support is provided at no charge for as long as you own the equipment. We offer assistance before you purchase your equipment, tools, and accessories as well, helping you to select the correct product for your unique needs and application requirements. Our team of highly trained and experienced customer service agents can provide you with expert advice before, during, and after the sale. We will even evaluate samples at no charge to ensure the proper equipment is purchased. Our prompt and friendly service is just one of the reasons why we have earned repeat business from so many customers throughout the years. Contact our team by calling 1-800-866-FORCE (3672) and speak with one of our agents about your needs.