The Mecmesin Manual Test Stand: Lever-Operated Test Stand

When it comes to force measurement testing, a quality and dependable force measurement test stand is essential. The various industry brands each have their own distinct type of test stand designed specifically for use with their force gauges to provide the best possible results. Mecmesin is no exception, offering a variety of stands designed to work with their top-rated digital and mechanical force gauge systems. The focus of this article is the LCP/S series lever-operated test stand from Mecmesin, which features a rack-and-pinion with reinforced crosshead and the ability to control movement via an ergonomic lever.

A Lever-Operated Test Stand

This precision force measurement test stand is rated up to 500N or 100 lbF in tension and compression. It also features an adjustable stop, which can be used to limit the movement of the crosshead for custom and accurate testing results. All of these features make the Mecmesin manual test stand perfectly suited for use in force testing applications that require a quick and clear load reading at a fixed single position. The overall design of the LCP/S series is compact and portable, making it great for use on the production line or in the field. However, it can also be bench-mounted for use in a vertical position, making it very versatile for a wide range of testing requirements.

The crosshead movement for this lever-operated test stand provides over 170mm of travel, which can be measured by fitting an optional digital height scale. The operator can choose from a wide range of Mecmesin digital force gauges and accessories to ensure that they have the most appropriate instrument available to accurately measure the load. When used with Mecmesin’s Advanced Force Gauge, this manual test stand offers high precision and repeatable testing. Ideal for quick and simple tests, as well as repetitive testing to ensure compliance to any number of government or industry regulations and requirements.

Specifications of the Mecmesin Manual Test Stand

In addition to all of the numerous features that we have already highlighted, there is still much more to explore and appreciate about the LCP/S series from Mecmesin. This force measurement test stand offers up to 47mm in linear travel per revolution and up to 170mm of effective travel without gauges and accessories. A maximum movement of fine adjusters is limited to 8mm, while the maximum movement of adjustable stop is 152mm. Weighing in at just 10 pounds, this lever-operated test stand is extremely portable and designed to be used in a wide range of environments, situations, and applications.

Rugged and reliable, this unit is designed to accept an optional digital height scale and has holes for bench mounting. It is ideal for low cost, repetitive tensile and compressive testing, either in the lab or on the production floor. Offering a simple pull-off, push-in, and push-out tests, the Mecmesin manual test stand can be perfect when quick comparative checks are required. Accurate, precise, and dependable, this instrument is the best solution when simplicity, economy, and fast throughput are important to the outcome of the testing experience. The maximum load using an extended dovetail bracket is 200N or 44 lbF.

Versatile, Cost-Effective, and Dependable

When it comes time to find the best lever-operated test stand for your company’s needs, you don’t have to look any further than the Mecmesin LCP/S series. When you know what you need and don’t require a lot of extra bells and whistles, a manual test stand can be the perfect solution. The Mecmesin manual test stand is a very popular model sold here at CSC Force Measurement, where we offer our customers a wide range of options when it comes to force measurement equipment, accessories, and services. If you aren’t sure which force measurement test stand is best for you and your testing needs, contact one of our team members. Our many years of experience in the force measurement industry can work to your advantage and help you to find the best solution for your testing requirements and budget. Give us a call at 1-800-866-FORCE and speak with one of our associates today to solve all of your testing needs.