digital torque gaugeTorque gauges are instruments that are used across many different industries to accurately measure the torque or torsion during professional testing. The applications of a digital torque gauge, such as the small torque range model from Tohnichi Instruments, can include laboratory, quality control, production line, research and development, and the field environment. There are many advantages of choosing a digital torque gauge instead of a mechanical or manual gauge. The ATGE-G Digital Torque Gauge from Tohnichi offers a small torque range with capabilities from .015 to 0.7 ounces of force (ozF) per inch to 6 to 28 ozF per inch. With six different models to choose from, depending on the unit under test, the operator can choose to use one of three different modes, including handheld, tabletop, or as a torque meter with a testing fixture.

How Digital Torque Gauges Are Used

A digital torque gauge’s primary components include a torque sensor or transducer, an electronic part, software, and a display. The torque sensor is a device that is used to convert the measured torque into an electrical signal. The strain gauge is the part of the tool that becomes deformed under the torque that is applied, which then converts the deformation or strain to the digital torque gauge’s electrical signals. The software is then used to convert the voltage of the torque transducer into a readable torque value that is shown on the LCD display. This type of measurement is hugely beneficial to many different industries, both in design and production, as well as in calibration for use in the field.

The testing units provided by most torque meters are in Newtons (N) or pounds per inch (lbin). However, with the small torque range of the ATGE series from Tohnichi Instruments, the measurement is in ounces per inch (ozin) or ounces of force per inch (ozFin). The digital indicator prevents reading mistakes for inspected data, and a physical stopper is used in order to avoid accidental over-loading. The digital torque gauge is ideal for torque measurement for rotating torque, click torque of precision machinery, electronic devices, and various assembly components. Some other examples of torque measurement can include screw torque, cap torque, motor torque, and more complex dynamic torque test measurements. The most common result in torque testing applications is the measurement of peak torque.

Small Torque Range Gauges

There are many advantages associated with choosing the Tohnichi Instruments ATGE series for small torque range measurement. The level of accuracy and repeatability with this quality instrument speaks for itself, while the features provided in this digital torque gauge make it ideal for torque measurement for rotating torque, click torque of precision machinery, electronic devices, and various assembly components. They are designed to be versatile and adaptable while maintaining dependability, regardless of the chosen configuration. Up to 999 readings may be saved with a computing function to display the maximum, minimum, and meantime values to the operator. A USB cable can be used for data transfer to a PC, while a free download of Excel Receiver software works as the perfect data input tool for Microsoft Excel data management and manipulation.

The small torque ranges available for the six models in this series from Tohnichi Instruments include capacities of 0.15 to 0.7 ozFin, 0.3 to 1.4 ozFin, 0.6 to 2.8 ozFin, 1.5 to 7 ozFin, 3 to 14 ozFin, and 6 to 28 ozFin, to provide a wide range of options. A coin-type lithium battery allows for a 10-hour continuous operation, making it perfect for all-day use. Additional power charging options can be used with the included AC adapter and USB cable. The global design of this digital torque range features a CE mark and was created for international use, including the European Union (EU) region. Choose from CW or CCW direction and view results on a seven-segment LCD display, which features a battery indicator, torque unit information, directional display, counter three digits with 3mm character height, and torque value display of four digits with a character height of 7mm. Choose from PEAK or RUN modes and process statistics using sample size, maximum value, minimum value, or mean value. A wide range of other torque meter digital torque gauge functions include auto memory reset, auto power-off, auto-zero adjustment, residual battery indicator, unit conversion, and more.

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