Tools for Force Measurement: Analog and Digital Force Gauges

tools for force measurementTools for force measurement are used by manufacturers in almost every industry for critical, practical product development. A wide variety of instruments are available for precise force measurement. There are two types of force: push and pull. Force is invisible, yet it is visible when it is at work. These measurements are obtained using a range of force meters, including torque meters, tensile testers, peel testers, and compression testers. The Newton, denoted by the symbol N, is the unit of force used in this kind of measurement.

Analog and Digital Force Gauges

Testing is done to make sure a product is capable or of a high quality. The capacity of a seatbelt to keep a person safe in a high-speed collision is one example. Measuring the force needed to open a product’s packaging is another example. Analog and digital force gauges may be used in a variety of ways to determine the force needed to operate almost any device you use on a regular basis. A large selection of digital and analog force gauges are available from CSC Force Measurement. Mark-10 force gauges and Chatillon force gauges are two of our most well-liked options; you can find them on our website.

One tool for converting one type of energy into another is a load cell. One extremely easy way to measure force properly is with load cells. For precise measurement data, load cells are used in a wide range of sectors. The precision of both conventional and custom load cells may be tailored to serve nearly any application when placed correctly. The two main categories of load cells are digital and analog. It’s critical to comprehend the distinctions between these two categories of force measuring instruments as well as the benefits and typical applications of each.

Analog Mechanical Force Gauge

An analog cell is one of the most used kinds of load cells for gauging weight strain and stress. Analog force gauges are used by engineers to measure force precisely. Currently, we have three analog force gauges in stock to satisfy the demands of our clients. The Chatillon DG Series mechanical force gauge is the first. For applications up to 500 lbF or 2.5 kN, it is perfect. Other Chatillon force gauges are available from us, such as the Chatillon LG Series, which is a fantastic option for a variety of force testing tasks up to 500 N or 100 lbF. The Dillon Model X-ST is the third analog force gauge alternative we have available. It has seven different capacities, with an accuracy of ±1% of the complete range, ranging from 100 lbF to 10,000 lbF.

Hand-held testing instruments can be made using analog force gauges. But, for a very flexible and affordable testing solution, they may also be utilized in conjunction with a mechanical test stand. There are many features and other choices that may be incorporated to match your demands, depending on the model and brand that you pick. These mechanical force gauges come packed with calibration certifications. used for a variety of purposes, depending on your demand for force measuring instruments, such as compression and tensile pull testing.

Digital Force Measuring Instruments

The way the signal is handled is the main distinction between digital and analog force gauges. Compared to analog signals, digital signals are far stronger and offer a more steady signal that is immune to interference from radio signals, temperature fluctuations, and electromagnetic fields. Digital force gauges also have a far quicker data sampling rate than analog load cells. Digital force gauges and load cells can therefore read and record hundreds of readings in a matter of seconds. Digital force gauges work better for more complex measuring requirements, while analog force gauges are still great for simpler testing.

Mark-10 and Chatillon are the two main brands of digital force gauges that CSC Force Measurement carries. However, we also provide our customers with a range of additional options, including digital force gauges from Mecmesin and Shimpo, two other leading brands within the electronic force measurement industry. You can view our full line of Force Gauges right here on our website or you can contact us directly to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives and discuss your needs.

Tools for Force Measurement

Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-866-3672 if you’re unsure which force gauges would be ideal for your requirements. Any inquiries you may have regarding digital and analog force gauges may be addressed by our staff. On our website, you may find comprehensive details, data sheets, and videos pertaining to every Mark-10 and Chatillon force gauge that we have. Give CSC Force Measurement a call now to make your order or to find out more about our whole line of force measurement instruments.