Top Force Measurement Equipment: Mark-10 Motorized Test Stands

One of the most comprehensive and valuable pieces of force measurement equipment you can have at your disposal for both labs and production testing is motorized test stands. Versatile and rugged Mark-10 test stands and highly configurable and offer options for tension and compression measurement of up to 300 lbF or 1.5 kN in the ESM303 model. Simple to use, this robust tool provides accurate and repeatable results and sample setup, and fine positioning with FollowMe ™ force-based positioning. A wide range of tests can be performed using these motorized test stands, and up to 50 profiles can be saved to accommodate a range of testing methods.

Single and Double-Column Extensions

If you need to accommodate a higher clearance for your testing needs, the ESM303 Mark-10 test stands allow for both single- and double-column extensions with its modular mechanical design. Flexibility is the key descriptive word when it comes to these motorized test stands, which also have modularity available in the controller functions as well. Individual options, including travel, cycling, and load-holding, can be purchased upfront or enabled later in the field with an activation code. All of these options provide the user with an a-la-carte platform that is designed to be customized and configured as needed for the particular application requirements and budget demands.

Speaking of flexibility, the range of testing options is quite impressive as well. This force measurement equipment can be used for break testing, tension and compression measurement, elongation testing, load-holding, limit testing to either a load or distance, cycling, tensile testing, and more. An easy-to-use menu makes it simple to configure everything from test speed and force to distance limits and preload, as well as many other functions. Password protection is provided to prevent accidental reconfigurations or to limit access to operators. Continuing with the a-la-carte approach for these motorized test stands, any force gauge or grips that you will require the need to be purchased separately. CSC Force Measurement engineers and consultants can help you pair the accessories and additional items you need effectively based on your testing requirements.

Motorized Test Stands

There are many advantages to choosing the Mark-10 test stands for your force measurement testing needs. Through the use of MESUR ™ gauge Plus software, you have the ability to collect force and travel data, collect test stand motion, and plot and analyze the results. This PC-based software is frequently included with Mark-10 force gauges used with these motorized test stands. When you receive the ESM303 test stand, it will arrive in Demo Mode for 160-hours with all functions temporarily enabled for trial testing purposes. After the trial, the test stand functions are designed to be purchased individually on an as-needed basis or as a complete options package, which can be ordered at a discounted price. This helps you to get what you need and not have to purchase anything you don’t.

The standard features of the ESM303 Mark-10 motorized test stands include upper and lower travel limit switches and selectable speed settings. The operator uses an adjustable, removable controller, which features intuitive menu navigation and password protection for custom test parameters. These Mark-10 test stands feature a motor-driven stepper to produce a smooth and quiet operation with no speed variation under load for accurate and repeatable testing. A compact footprint is provided to allow for use on crowded workbenches, and an ergonomic design is used for clean cable management. Load capacity is up to 300 lbF or 1.5 kN, and travel accuracy is ±0.002 inches per 10-inch, with a maximum travel distance of 18-inches.

Force Measurement Equipment

If you would like to learn more about the ESM303 Mark-10 test stands or would like more information about our other options for force measurement equipment, contact CSC Force Measurement by calling toll-free 1-800-866-FORCE. We can answer any questions you might have about tension and compression measurement equipment, accessories, and other options for the top brands we sell and service. Speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team members or request a consultation to ensure that you get the proper force measurement equipment for your needs, including rental equipment, pre-owned, and demo units. Dealer inquiries welcome.