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Torque Testing System for Different Types of Screw Closures

torque testing systemOne of the most essential steps in the development and production of consistently manufactured screw closures is the use of a torque testing system. A torque test stand, torque wrenches, and analyzers, and the application of force torque calibration for reliability play a significant role in the testing of just about any type of closure torque testing application. Used with a variety of different products, including child-resistant pharmaceutical containers, tamper-evident beverage bottles, and other consumer destined goods, CSC Force Measurement offers our customers a wide range of options concerning torque testing equipment and accessories.

The Mark-10 Series R53

When it comes to closure torque sensors, our customers frequently opt for the Mark-10 series R53, which is an excellent choice for performing torque testing on everything from bottle caps and closures to valves and other types of fasteners. It can be used to test items that have a diameter ranging between .056 and 5.7 inches and comes in a variety of capacities, ranging between 10 oz/in to 100 lb/in, depending on your needs. The R53 features a movable post, which allows the user to adjust the fit according to the dimensions of the object. There are also two optional types of jaws that can be purchased and used with this sensor, helping to accommodate different sizes and shapes. Choose from the Adjustable Jaws or Flat Rubber Jaws in our catalog, which are ideal for independent positioning in increments of 45-degrees and use with odd or square-shaped objects, respectively.

The R53 is compatible with the Mark-10 5i and 3i digital indicators and features a unique Plug-and-Test connector, which holds all force torque calibration and configuration data. A rugged aluminum housing provides an excellent return on investment for many years of durable and reliable use in the field or on the production line. Spill-proof construction can also be used for torque tool calibration, and an NIST-traceable certificate of calibration is included. Accuracy with the Mark-10 R53 is ± 0.7% of full scale ±1 digit +indicator, and it comes with a three-year warranty. To read more about compatible force/torquedigital indicators and other top quality Mark-10 equipment, tools, and accessories, visit our Mark-10 product page at CSC Force Measurement.

Types of Closures for Testing

A torque testing system is perfect for testing a variety of different closures. Mark-10 provides a wide range of torque wrenches analyzers, torque test stand, and hand-held testing options to meet the needs of the user. Force torque calibration is necessary to ensure accurate and repeatable results for product and material testing purposes.

  • Tamper-evident closures, which feature two unique torque peaks are very popular with product package manufacturers in today’s fast-paced and safety-conscious market. The first peak is known as the “slip” torque, which measures the effort required to start the movement of the cap. The second peak is known as the “bridge” torque, which is the secondary effort measured to fully break the plastic bridge between the product cap and the security ring.
  • Child-resistant closures are a little different and require a fine balance between the required security to prevent children from opening the bottle and easy user accessibility. Through the use of a torque test stand, torque wrenches, analyzers, and a proper torque testing system, the user can simultaneously measure compressive force and torque to account for the necessary push-and-twist action.
  • Odd-size and odd-shape closures are essential, particularly in markets where new product packaging and attention-getting packaging shapes for marketing purposes are required. Mark-10 offers a range of movable grips that can be used to grab even the most awkward shaped containers in the mounting table for proper torque testing. This is extremely beneficial to customers who have odd-size or odd-shape screw top closures and packaging that must be properly tested for safety purposes.

Why Proper Torque is Essential

Product testing companies and manufacturers need to ensure that they choose the proper torque testing system based on their unique needs and industry requirements. The application of the appropriate amount of torque is necessary to provide an airtight seal within the lid while making sure that the torque is not so tight as to damage the closure liining. Mark-10 has a solid reputation in the material testing industry for designing and producing top quality, reliable, and repeatable result equipment. Regular force torque calibration and the right equipment helps the user to guarantee that the capping is being properly tested and that the results reflected are accurate.

Visit our website or contact our team by calling toll-free at 1-800-866-3672 to learn more about CSC Force Measurement and Mark-10 equipment, or to place an order for a torque testing system over the phone. We can answer any questions that you might have about the products available, including torque wrenches analyzers, torque test stand, and force torque calibration units and services.