Torque and data collection systemEstablishing a quality torque control program is extremely important to the success of any consumer product. CDI Torque offers a portable electronic torque meter, which can be used to display torque readings from sensors that attach between sockets and drivers. The MULTITORQ tool is a highly versatile torque analyzer and data acquisition system that can be used with a wide variety of sockets, extensions, universal joints, ratcheting drivers, or any combination to meet the needs of manufacturing and assembly. There are many advantages associated with establishing quality control through the use of a torque and data collection system.

Wide Angle Viewing Display

The CDI Torque MULTITORQ electronic torque meter features a wide angle viewing LCD. The user can choose from several selectable readouts, including ft-lb, in-lb, in-oz, Nm, dNm, mkg, and cmkg units, depending on the sensor in use. The functional display is a four-digit, .5 inch wide-angle LCD that shows the applied torque in TRACK mode. The user can also choose to view the highest torque value captured in PEAK-HOLD mode if desired. The display feature is used for all SETUP programming, with UPPER (+) and LOWER (-) percentage values for the ALARM preset, and to indicate any functions or fault conditions. Other displays include OVER torque alarm and LO BATT (low battery) monitor.

When using the ALARM preset value, a ten segment analog bar graph is used to provide a real-time indication of the applied torque. The graph on the display will move left to right for CW and right to left for CCW torque inputs. Other features of the wide angle LED display include the use of a green-colored LED to indicate MIN (minimum) preset torque for presently applied torque and a red-colored LED to note MAX (maximum) preset torque. All of these options are designed to provide the user with the most available data necessary to effectively use the data acquisition system and torque analyzer of the overall torque and data collection system.

Push Button Membrane Keyboard

Simple and straightforward use of the electronic torque meter is provided through the functions of a push button membrane keyboard. Torque target settings can be entered directly on the keyboard. Both high and low torque limits can be adjusted to provide either an audible or visual alarm. The user can then select TRACK mode to display the torque values as they are applied or choose the PEAK mode to display the highest torque value applied. Power on or off and bring the torque and data collection system out of SLEEP mode, if necessary, using the Battery Saver Switch on the side of the unit. Use the membrane keyboard to select the units of conversion, manual ZERO TARE, STORE for recording memory of present torque readings, and RECALL for the last reading from memory.

Other selections on the membrane keyboard of the data acquisition system include SEND, which sends the data to the serial port, RS-232 printer or a Mitutoyo statistical printer, as well as the CLEAR function, which removes the most recent reading from the display. Other buttons include the UP and SHIFT options to scroll through numeric values or choose between TRACK and PEAK modes or to switch between blinking digits and flags during programming. ENTER, STAT and SETUP buttons are also provided in the membrane key pad area of the CDI Torque MULTITORQ device. All readings can be stored in memory or downloaded to a computer or printer, depending on your needs. The use of a Mitutoyo printer interface makes it even easier to access and store all data from the torque and data collection system.

How to Measure Torque

When using the CDI Torque MULTITORQ device, the user needs only to select the desired torque sensor and connect it to the electronic torque meter for TRACK or PEAK-HOLD modes. Once the sensor is connected to the torque analyzer, the user only needs to switch the unit on with the power switch to get things started. The unit can toggle between TRACK and PEAK-HOLD modes, depending on the requirements of the test. Applied torque is read in real-time on the LCD, and the reading will increase if any additional torque is applied during testing. To clear the display after testing, simply push the CLEAR key. Preset values and MIN-MAX settings can be changed easily using the SETUP functions of the torque and data collection system.

To ensure accuracy during testing, the user should attach the sockets directly to the male drive of the sensor. If any extensions are used, then the user should make sure that the extension is installed directly between the sensor and the wrench. If the extension piece is installed between the sensor and the socket, the torque analyzer results will not be accurate. Some cautions and warnings are provided by CDI Torque as well for the use of the MULTITORQ device, such as advising the user to never push the ZERO TARE key when any amount of torque is applied. Discontinue torque and verify sensor calibration if the display ever indicates OVER to avoid damaging the sensors. Follow all guidelines for personal safety and professional tool practices when using drivers with sensors.

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