Wire Crimp Pull Tester for the Military & Defense Industries

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Wire Crimp Pull Tester Mark-10 EquipmentTop quality Mark-10 measurement equipment is used across many industries, including military and defense. One of the tools that they use frequently is a wire crimp pull tester. The Mark-10 Motorized Wire Pull Tester (WT3-201M) is a motorized wire crimp pull tester that is designed to measure “pull off” forces of up to 200 lbF or 1kN for wire and tube terminations. These testing machines can be used to conform to many different industry requirements for destructive testing, including ASTM, ISO, MIL, SAE, and UL.

What is a Wire Crimp Pull Tester?

This type of device is used to measure the amount of tensile force that is required to detach a crimped connector, ferrule, or terminal from a wire. It can be used on the production line or in the field. These testing machines can be combined with a variety of crimping tools, or they can be used for life-span testing. Because a wire crimp pull tester is so versatile, it is used in many different ways for the military and defense industries. It can test electrical integrity for electrical wiring and, when used with special fixtures to accommodate different sizes and shapes of wires and connectors, is most effective.

A wire crimp pull tester, such as the Mark-10 measurement equipment mentioned above, can also be used to provide non-destructive testing as well, such as pulling to a load or maintaining a load for a specific period of time. It is easy to see how this type of testing would be valuable for the military and defense industries. The Mark-10 Motorized Wire Pull Tester is designed to work with most types of insulation and can accommodate wire sizes up to AWG 3. However, clients are uncertain as to whether this equipment can handle the type of testing that they need to do, Mark-10 will accept samples for evaluation and provide recommendations for the best testing machines available.

Wire Harness Testing

One type of testing that is frequently done with a wire crimp pull tester is testing of wire harnesses, which are used for ground support equipment in avionics. Many different branches of the military utilize wire harnesses for aircraft, making it essential to ensure the proper function of this vital piece of equipment. Checking the quality of the crimped wire terminals is extremely important to ensure that they do not become disconnected after installation. Simulation of mechanical failure can help to determine the amount of force required to detach a crimped wire terminal from a wire.

Wire crimp pull testing can be achieved through the use of a force gauge, which would be used to measure the maximum pull-off force of the wire. However, this method is limited to low force applications and can be prone to variations from test to test due to lack of control over the pull direction and test speed. This type of testing can also be achieved with a lever-operated force tester which is integrated with a load cell, electronics, a display, and grips. This is a very low-cost method that can be used for this purpose, but test speed still cannot be controlled properly, leading to variations of the test results. The best method is to use a motorized wire pull tester that is designed specifically for this purpose.

Advantages of a Motorized Wire Pull Tester

A motorized wire crimp pull tester can be programmed to specific pass/fail limits and use an auto-start function, which can begin as soon as the sample is loaded into the tester. Once the sample breaks, the tester can even be set to auto-reverse, output the peak force, store the peak force, and zero the display to increase the testing throughput. There are clear advantages to using this Mark-10 measurement equipment, in particular when it comes to accuracy and consistency. In fact, the Mark-10 WT3-201M has other efficiency features within the Profiles function, such as the ability to use multiple test set ups over and over again to streamline the testing process. Data storage and statistical calculations are saved for up to 2,000 readings, with each saved data point including the date and time stamp for improved record-keeping.

The Mark-10 motorized wire pull tester includes the popular acquisition software MESUR™ Lite, which can be used to tabulate continuous or single-point data. The data can be exported to Microsoft Excel using a one-click function. Data can also be transferred directly to a data collector or PC through the use of USB, RS-232 Mitutoyo (Digimatic), and other analog output methods. This device measures real-time and peak-force values, allowing for custom selectable test speeds with high-speed approach and reverse. Additional Mark-10 measurement equipment hardware can be used with this motorized wire crimp pull tester, such as a ring terminal fixture with multiple pin sizes and a machinable blank terminal fixture for use with unique sample shapes and sizes.

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